Jun 15, 2010

Adrian Phoenix - Interview and Contest

PVN welcomes back Adrian Phoenix on her 4th visit to this site. Many of you know Adrian for her awesome vampire series The Maker's Song. She now has begun a new series, once again centered on New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou, but this time the paranormal element comes from magic and hoodoo.

Book one is Black Dust Mambo (Pocket, June 29, 2010) which Adrian will discuss in the following interview. She is also offering a unique prize to one lucky winner. See contest details at the end of the interview.

PVN: How did you find the native voices for your characters and then turn them into the written word?

AP: Listening to people talk, picking up cadences from character speech in movies and on TV. Often when I'm writing, I'll speak the dialog to get the rhythm right and to make sure it's the way people would actually speak it. Meaning - proper grammar is a no-no. Most of us don't use it in our conversations with friends and family. At least, I don't. (I do for professional contacts and conversations, however.)

PVN: How does Hoodoo differ from Voodoo?

AP: The main difference is that Voodoo is a religion, with priestesses (mambos), priests (houngans) and devoted practitioners who participate in ceremonies to summon the loa (natural spirits and those of the dead), while Hoodoo is a system of folk magic following the same belief system as Voodoo, including the same gods/loas/saints.

With hoodoo, there are no priests or priestesses or ceremonies, just root doctors and root workers (also known as conjurers) working out of their homes and/or botanicas. Root doctors/root workers are consulted by members of their neighborhoods and communities for spells/cures/potions when ill (or feeling a tad cursed or full of bad luck) as often as a person would visit the local pharmacy. 

Laying tricks and foot magic, breaking/making hexes, creating natural medicines and cures for illnesses of all kinds--heart, body, and soul.

Poppets (voodoo dolls) are made for positive purposes as well as negative. To keep love and passion alive, to disperse negative energy and draw in positive. Candle magic. Divination with cards and shells and bones. 

PVN: Detail some of the research into Hoodoo practice.

AP: You bet! Not only did I do a ton of reading (and you can check out titles on my suggested reading list on the Black Dust Mambo page on my website). I also paid a visit to Lucky Mojo Curio Co., which specializes in Hoodoo supplies and books, but offers other occult items as well.

The woman who runs it, Catherine Yronwode, is a hoodoo and has been one for many years. She also offers a correspondence course in Hoodoo, which I plan to take. In the meantime, I've bought many potions, oils, powders, herbs, and other ingredients and have been learning to put together mojo bags, make spelled incense and potions - doing some hands-on work so I can have a better feel for Kallie's work and world.

PVN: Describe Kallie to us.

AP: Kallie is a young woman who has survived an inexplicable explosion of violence as a teenager that claimed her family, and has been learning hoodoo from her Aunt Gabrielle since coming to Bayou Cyprés Noir to live with her. Kallie is haunted by that one tragic event, and is determined to put it behind her. She took up boxing as a way to work off her pent-up anger and grief, her doubts.

Hoodoo runs in the family, so Kallie took it naturally and without question. Kallie is fiery, strong, compassionate, loyal to her friends and family, a healthy and hot-blooded gal, and a little too quick to throw a punch. She’s not known for saying please or thank you or for being very patient. She's very close to her cousin, Jackson, who also lives with her and their aunt. 

Physically, she has long, dark coffee brown hair, violet eyes with a bit of a tilt--her father was Cajun and her mother (another rootworker), was a mixed-blood Creole with cafe-au-lait skin.

PVN: Describe the nomad world.

AP: Nomads are a pagan, gypsy/outlaw-biker-styled clans who travel on motorcycles, Jeeps, and other vehicles, including family-sized RVs painted up in swirling Celtic designs, knots, and animals, much like the old-fashioned gypsy vardo wagons. Nomad society is an earthy blend of Celtic, Romany, and Norse cultures. Each clan is run by a chieftain (of either sex) and a shuvani(o) (witch/healer), and they never stay in one area too long. They don't own property because they believe you can't own the earth.

Nomads regard vampires as part of the natural order and are honored when one of their own is chosen to be turned. True Bloods, the rare born vampires, are seen as night elementals. Sometimes blood gifts are left on stone altars for these nightwalkers. Werewolves and shapeshifters are also respected as Nature’s voice and treated with respect and the same wariness shown all preternatural beings. In all her facets, Nature is often unpredictable, violent, and cruel. (Nomads think of Nature with a capital N.)

The nomad world can be rough.

Nomads aren't generally welcomed by squatters (non-nomads) and are viewed as thieves, tricksters, con-artists, and whores. In all honesty, nomads do tend to run cons, pulling a few grifter’s tricks on the squatters of the towns they pass through, but generally setting the tricks up so that only the greedy are suckered. It's not unusual for nomads to do bodyguard or mercenary work, but their loyalty always lies with the clan. They tend to ignore government regulations and camp wherever they can—and always outside city limits. Nomad children aren't required to attend public schools, and are schooled within their clans. 

PVN: How easy or difficult is it to switch from writing Dante's world (The Maker's Song series) to Kallie's?

AP: It's fairly easy given that the setting is almost the same. But while Dante has New Orleans, Kallie has the bayou. What’s trickier is remembering that the Hoodoo books are lighter—sass and WebMD worship— Yes, Kallie’s looking at you, Belladonna!—welcome. 

PVN: What is the difference between magic used by humans and those born with magic as part of their being?

AP: Magic used by humans is outside of themselves, that’s the main difference. Humans can channel magic, directing it and focusing it by using spells, charms, potions, etc. They can also channel magic by awakening and strengthening their own intuitive ability, tapping into the Earth’s natural rhythm.

PVN: Augustine is such an unusual character, would you tell us a little about him?

AP: Gladly! Lord Basil Augustine is an aristocratic illusionist and the master of the Hecatean Alliance—an organization he created for magic practitioners of all kinds, a fraternity guided by laws designed to keep practitioners safe and secret, and the switched-off (non-practitioners) safe, secure and unaware. He’s several centuries old, but he doesn’t look a day over forty, a man still in his prime. He’s British. He’s gay. I guess the dry wit comes naturally. And he was once a boozed-up sleight-of-hand magician working the circus crowds in Victorian England. He may or may not be entirely human.

PVN: Your descriptions of New Orleans are so evocative of the Big Easy and the Louisiana Bayou. How much time have you spent there?

AP: Not as much as I would like. I’ve visited – and I’m going for another visit in October. I hope to have a home there one day. I also read about Louisiana, Cajun culture, New Orleans, and the bayous all the time.

PVN: What's next for Kallie and her friends?

AP: Well, given that the next book, Black Heart Loa, picks up right where this one leaves off and Kallie will be searching for the things revealed as missing at the end of Black Dust Mambo, I’ll have to keep mum—other than to say, more magic, more sex and romance, a pack of loup garou, gators (just a few and most definitely not a pack), bumbling kidnappers, non-bumbling and quite deadly thieves and drug dealers, loa, possession. Hopefully another way to get all the males stripped down to their skivvies again. Did I mention sex? 

PVN: If a movie were made of Black Dust Mambo who would you like to see as Kallie, Layne, and Augustine or any of the other characters?

AP: Rupert Everett for Augustine, definitely. I had him in mind when I created Augustine. I’m open to suggestions on the others!

PVN: What's next for Dante?

AP: Etched in Bone, Book Four of The Maker's Song will be released February 22, 2011. (The delay is due to a combination of a scheduling crunch on the publisher’s part and personal/medical glitches on my part.) And I’m very excited about this latest installment of Dante and Heather’s story.

Here’s a blurb:

Ain't. Running. And I sure as hell ain't hiding.

But that vow brings consequences that Dante Baptiste--True Blood vampire, Fallen Maker, rock musician--never imagined even as it brings him face to face with those hunting him and his lover, former FBI agent, Heather Wallace; the covert Shadow Branch, the vampire Cercle de Druide, and rogue assassins. And now that the Fallen have finally discovered their long-awaited Maker, they have no intention of letting him walk away.

As Dante Fights to claim his life as his own, while dealing with the awakened and shattered memories of his brutal past, an unexpected enemy arises from within Heather's family; an enemy who nearly destroys Dante by stealing the one person who keeps him balanced--Heather.

All worlds--mortal, nightkind, and Fallen--hang in the balance as Dante searches for Heather. And his success or failure will determine whether he becomes the Never-Ending Road or the Great Destroyer.

PVN: Where can readers find you?

AP: A bunch of places and I hope to see y’all at one or another!

Website: http://www.adrianphoenix.com/

Blog: http://adrianphoenix.com/blog

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adrian-Phoenix/55403659403?ref=mf

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/adriannikolasphoenix

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/944594.Adrian_Phoenix

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AdrianPhoenix

PVN: Anything else you would like to add?

AP: Just a big thank you for having me here, Patricia! It’s always a pleasure. Thanks also to your readers for dropping by. Have a Cafe Brûlot, a po’ boy sandwich and dip your toes into Kallie’s world of hoodoo, hunky nomads, and bayou-steeped mystery.


Adrian will give away a signed copy of Black Dust Mambo along with a mojo bag and bottle of attraction oil.

To enter the contest:

*Ask Adrian a question - one chance

*Give your opinion of Hoodoo - one chance

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Contest is international and ends June 29.

Go HERE for 2 of Adrian's favorite New Orleans recipes 


van_pham said...

The Blurb for BDM sounds very interesting, looking forward to reading it!

How many book are you planning for the series? and What are you currently working on, any projects?

Hoodoo sounds interesting, love the idea of creating natural medicines and cures for illnesses.

- PVN Email Subscriber
- PVN google connect follower
- Patricia Altner Twitter Follower

Thanks for the contest!


SiNn said...

well Adrian welcome and i lovee your books

look forward to reading this one too

whats the most creative way a fan has shown they loved ur books

- pvn email subscriber
-follower on google
- twitter follower @bainesgoddess

katsrus said...

Very interesting post. I never neard of hoodo before. Have not read your books. Looking forward to them as they sound very interesting. Thanks for being here.
Is there any music that inspires you?
PVN Email Subscriber
Like Patricia's Vampire Notes on Facebook(Sue Brandes)
PVN Google Follower
Patricia Altner Twitter Follower(katsrus2003~New)
Sue B

Aik said...

What do you think about using magic to cure illness? Is it illegal in religious aspects?

I've heard about Voodoo, but not Hoodoo. It sounds mysterious. I'd like to know more about it.

- PVN Email Subscriber
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aikychien at yahoo dot com

Tore said...

Hoodoo sounds very interesting. Like to know more about it. Do you do along of research regarding the subject?
Please enter me in contest. Thank you. Tore923@aol.com

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Van,

I have five books planned for the series so far and i hope to do more.

Right now, I'm busy with The Maker's Song series and this one, but I'm also working on a paranormal fantasy novel about the Romantic poet, John Keats.

Thanks for dropping by!

Maria V""V said...

Love the Maker's Song series! Will have to read BDM since it reminds me of my best friend growing up (re: Hoodoo).

How/why did you choose Louisiana as the setting for your books?

Thanks for the interview!

PVN Facebook follower (Maria Vazquez)

Elma said...

Great Interview!
I love Adrian's Maker Series and can't wait to dive into the world of Kallie, Layne and company.

As far as hoodoo, I have always kept an open mind to different types of religion and medicine and it has lead to interesting discoveries throughout my life. I believe you should keep an open mind because anything is possible.

Like Patricia's Vampire Notes on Facebook


Serena DeNardo said...

WOW! You gave me alot to think about for this new book! Great Q&A!

Im only wondering if music will play any part in this new story? It played such a HUGE & wonderful part in Dante's books.

Hoodoo? I have no real solid opinion of it, to be honest. I guess as intrigued as I might be I also have reserves, and thats just because I just dont have a real understanding :)

PLease enter me in the contest!

I subscribe here, Facebook & Twitter.


Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi SiNn,

Thanks so much for your support!

I've had fans show their love for the books in many different ways, from creating countdown widgets for the release date of each book, to making posters to put in stores, to creating a forum for other fans to visit http://clubhell.yuku.com/directory
to writing poetry about the characters, to having an Adrian Phoenix month on their blog.

Each has touched my heart!

rachel445 said...

Hey Adrian!

I'm looking forward to BDM. It's almost here!

-Are the characters in BDM similar to those in the Maker's Song? Or are their personalities pretty different?

- I've heard and read about Voodoo, but Hoodoo is new to me. I'm interested in learning about it.

-Follow on google & twitter.
- Email suscriber

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Man, I can hardly wait to read this book!

Adrian, can you see yourself ever crossing the world of Black Dust Mambo with Dante's world?

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Katsrus,

Glad you dropped by and I hope you enjoy the books!

Music constantly inspires me, particularly, Nine inch Nails, Anders Manga, C.C. Adcock, Chevelle, How to Destroy Angels and movie soundtracks such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Assassination of Jesse James, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Aik,

Thanks so much for your question, but I think I'm better off not commenting about legality where religious beliefs are concerned.

To each their own. ;)

As for using magic to heal - if it works, why not?

There are a ton of good books out there on hoodoo. You can find a partial list on my website at http://adrianphoenix.com/mambo.html

Thanks again!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Tore,

My research on hoodoo is still continuing. I've read a lot of books on the subject and done a bit of hands-on work with powders and potions.

Thanks for your question!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Maria,

I'm glad you've enjoyed the Maker's Song!

Louisiana is just a natural setting for the books. I couldn't picture Dante living anywhere else and for Kallie with her hoodoo, it's a part of her.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Elma,

Great to see you here! Thanks so much for your support.

I absolutely agree with keeping an open mind. It's amazing what you learn!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hey Serena,

Great to see you, as always! Yup, music always plays a part in my work. I listened to C.C. Adcock, the True Blood soundtrack, Funky Nashville and others while writing about Kallie's world.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hey Rachel!

Glad you enjoyed the interview! I think the characters in BDM are very different from the characters in the Maker's Song books. (At least I hope so! LOL.)

Thanks for dropping by!!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hey D.B.!

As always, thanks so much for your support!

Yes, I definitely envision a cross-over between the two worlds when either Kallie's adventures take her to Club Hell or Dante finds himself seeking shelter in the bayou.

It'd be a brief cross-over, but fun!

Stephmartin71 said...

Great interview. Black Dust Mambo sounds like a great book. I personally am not educated in Hoodoo but would love to learn an able to use it in a pinch a time or two on a few very isolated "FRIENDS" ;D. You make mention of that your other books are in a series called the Makers Song- which by the way I have all 3 which are on my TBR list next, but you don't say what the series is called for Black Dust Mambo? Do you have a name for it and how many books will be in it-approximately? I know that's 2 questions-sorry ;)
Also I am a PVN Email Subscriber and absolutely love this blog. I look forward to it every single day. And I know I have told Patricia that at least 3 or 4 times. Have a great day, Stephanie

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview! And I'm thrilled to know that the first 3 Maker's Song books are in your TBR pile! I hope you enjoy them. ;)

I don't have an official title for the Hoodoo books yet, so I've been simply calling them the Hoodoo series. I have 5 books planned so far, but hope to write even more in the series (as long as there's a story to tell).

I agree! Patricia and her blog are both great and I'm very happy to be here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian. My name is Lisa and I love the Maker's Song series it is one of my favories and I can not wait for Black Dust Mambo. My questions is what is HooDoo?

Hannah S said...

Wow, this sounds awesome! And the cover is totally kick-ass... I love it! :)

Has there ever been another genre you wanted to try out?

xoxosweeet @ yahoo dot com

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for your support. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the Maker's Song books!

Hoodoo is a system of folk magic following the same belief system as Voodoo, including the same gods/loas/saints.

With hoodoo, there are no priests or priestesses or ceremonies, just root doctors and root workers (also known as conjurers) working out of their homes and/or botanicas. 

Laying tricks and foot magic, breaking/making hexes, creating natural medicines and cures for illnesses of all kinds--heart, body, and soul.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your comments!

I'd love to write a contemporary mystery and a period mystery set in the early 1900s, I'd love to write an historical. I want to dabble in steampunk also.

jellybelly82158 said...

Will there be any creatures such as vampires or werewolves in this series?

Hoodoo sounds very interesting. As a nurse I have always been interested in natural medicines and cures.

PVN email subscriber

Like Patricia's Vampire Notes on Facebook -user name jellybelly82158

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Thanks for a great contest!

jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hey Jellybelly,

Thanks for joining us! Yes, there are werewolves (loup garou) in this series and vampires are mentioned. I expect a few to pop in at some point. ;)

Cherry said...

Informative interview Pat! Wonderful!

Question for Adrian: Pat asked about native voices for your characters and you said "listening to people..." What I am wondering about is, do you pattern your characters from people around you? Family, friends? Celebrities? Mother-in-law in one of the bad guys which turned out to be really a good guy in later books...

I haven't heard of the concept of Hoodoo before I've read this interview so this is a new idea to me. I think that making Voodoo a culture instead a religion is a nice spin off to the concept.

I am a PVN email subscriber.

I am a PVN friend at Facebook. My FB name is Cherry Mischivus.

I am an old PVN follower. My GFC name is Cherry.

I follow Pat at Twitter. My Twitter handle is @cherrymischivus.

Re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2010/06/win-black-dust-mambo-at-patricias.html

Twitted: http://twitter.com/cherrymischivus/status/16255405963

Cherry Mischievous
mischivus101-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

afstone3 said...

As usual great interview. And you know what I think D.B. has a great idea, a cross over and maybe even a visit from her Vampires in America gang *winks*
They bumped EIB again, oh well I will have BDM to hold me over. Off to change the New Release list *sighs*

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Cherry,

Hey, thanks for dropping by!

I don't pattern my characters after people I know, but bits and pieces (habits, mannerisms, speech inflections) from various people *do* work their way in.

Images and music have more of an influence on my characters than people I know (generally).

Thanks for the comments!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Annette!

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview! great to see you here, as always. I love the idea of a Vampires in America/Maker's Song cross-over visit. ;)

The bump back in the publishing date of EIB from the end of January to the end of February is totally my faul, not Pocket's. I feel bad about it too! (And it'll never happen again!)

Dreamy_angel said...

Love the excerpts for BDM,, Have recenlty found you and find your books reviews very interesting.
I love your character Dante, What made you choose his name and his characteriscs. How did you become about creating him,? What music did you listen to while creating him ;)
Hoodoo, I have never heard of but I must say I rather like this idea better than voodoo I find it creepy, the idea of creating natural cures and potions appeals to me.
I am a follower on your Patricia vampire notes, :) on face book
I am a google Connect follower ;)
and I follow you on twitter, run_with_wolves
Thanks for the great comp

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Katrina,

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and the BDM excerpt!

I choose Dante's name because it suited him--his life being pure hell, plus when I said it aloud, it seemed perfect for him.

I listened to a lot of Nine Inch Nails and Linkin Park while creating Dante - and in many way, he seemed to create himself, unfolding within my mind as I listened to the music and dreamed.

Hoodoo is very prevalent in the American South. But you can find practitioners throughout the States, and elsewhere. Here's a great link to some hoodoo history: http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoohistory.html

Thanks for your comments!

christina said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

My question is What's your favorite part of writing a book?

Hoodoo-sounds like something I don't know anything about.
Maybe after I read the book I'll know more.

I'm a PVN Email Subscriber
I'm a PVN Google Follower


Christine H said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Here's my question:
How long did it take you to publish your first book, after you started trying?
Hoodoo is something I can say I really don't get. Seems odd, maybe in a way it's like me who prays to God. I'm not sure, definately different to what I know anyway.
I'm a PVN Email Subscriber
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Shirley said...

I'd like to win this book for my daughter.
I do have a question for the author:
When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

Hoodoo is something I don't practice. But think everyone has the right to do as they please as long is no one is being hurt.

I'm a PVN Email Subscriber
I'm a PVN Google Follower
I am a Patricia Altner Twitter- Follower-grandmama0f10

heatwave16 said...

Bookssounds very interesting. What made you interested in writing about Hoodoo? What was you inspiration for the book?

I am anPVN Email Subscriber;

I Like Patricia's Vampire Notes on Facebook
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i'm a Patricia Altner Twitter Follower. - heatwave316


YzhaBella (aka Kate) said...

Hi Adrian and Patricia!
I am a big fan of both of you wonderful ladies!

So Adrian? I've been "stalking" (lol, following) you 'round the web lately and have really enjoyed everything you have shared! But, I haven't yet seen (and I may have missed it) What made you decide to write a new and "lighter" story? have you had enough of the "darkside" for a while?

I am an email subscriber (yzhabella@live.ca)
I "Like" PVN on FaceBook (Kate Leger)
I am a GFC Follower

Have a great day every one!
Kate (aka YzhaBella's BookShelf)

Drat said...

Dear Adrian,

Like you, I am captivated by New Orleans and wish to spend more time there. My question for you is "what neighborhoods influence your writing the most and which do you see yourself becoming a resident of?

Thank you and good luck.


Like PVN Facebook

JenM said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for the giveaway, this sounds like a very original idea for a paranormal. Do you get much time for reading, and if so, what types of books do you like to read?

I've heard of voodoo, of course, but I'd never heard of hoodoo before. It sounds a lot like a type of homeopathic medicine.

+1 email subscriber
+1 Google follower

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Christina,

My favorite part of writing a book is when the characters take over and the story flows out on the page in a white-hot rush. Love it!

Hoodoo would be called witchcraft in Europe. You can think of it as homegrown, Southern style witchcraft (but with different gods and spirits than in European pagan magic) and herb magic.

Thanks for joining us!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Christine,

My first novel, A Rush of Wings, sold in June of 2006 (after about a year of sending it out) and it was published by Pocket January 2008.

Thanks for dropping by!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Shirley,

How awesome that you're trying to win the book for your daughter! I wish you luck.

Yes, I give very careful thought to my character names and their meanings. Names are very important and I want to be sure they are not only true to the character, but say something about them as well.

And sound and look good. LOL.

Thanks for the question!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Heatwave,

Thanks for your comments!

I've been fascinated by southern Louisiana and its culture(s) ever since I can remember. Hoodoo is a part of the culture, so I started learning more about it. And the more I learned, the more I knew I do a story with hoodoo at its heart.

The inspiration for the book came from a challenge at a master class workshop I was taking.

We had to come up with (in a very short time) a bunch of paragraph-length proposals for novels and try to sell them to a 'NY editor board' (the teachers of the workshop, some of whom were bestselling authors-and ruthless. LOL). The idea for Kallie's story was one of those. It sold to the pretend NY editors and then it sold to a real editor.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Kate,

Hey, great to see you here! And thanks for the stalking - LOL!! I appreciate your support. ;)

I decided to put more humor in the hoodoo books because that's just how it formed in my head. I could just picture an ongoing sassy battle between Kallie's aunt and the gators who keep trying to sun themselves on her front porch.

Even though there's more humor in Black Dust Mambo, there's plenty of dark moments, as well.

I don't think I'll ever have too much of the dark-side. I truly love it. But I enjoy humor too. And Kallie's world is a great blend of light and dark.


Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Denise,

How cool that you're a lover of New Orleans as well!

I need to get familiar with more of the neighborhoods before I make a decision. I'm totally in love with the French Quarter and would love to live there.

On my first trip to New Orleans, the moment I stepped into the Quarter, I felt like I'd come home. I've never had that sensation anywhere else that I've lived.

The Garden District is beautiful. I love the old homes. But I'd like to look at all the neighborhoods throughout the city before I made up my mind.

Thanks for the question!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for you comments and for dropping by!

I don't have much time to read *sniffs*, but I make sure I read at bedtime if nothing else. I LOVE books. I LOVE reading.

I like to read urban fantasy, paranormal, mysteries, historicals, horror. If it's a good story with compelling characters that's all I ask. ;)

connery said...

hey adrian! finally made it in...love the recipes! gonna have to work on the drink...see if i can serve it up in club hell!

ok, here's the question: you speak about new orleans with such love and reverence...what are the chances of you relocating there?

hope to see more of you real soon in hell *winks*

PVN e-mail subscriber
Patricia Altner twitter follower @dh_connery


Adrian Phoenix said...

Hey Conn!
Great to see you, as always! Yum! I'd love to see you serve up the cafe brulot in Club Hell. ;)

I'd love to relocate to New Orleans one day. That's the goal. I'm very fond of the Pacific Northwest, but New Orleans holds my heart.

As soon as I'm done with deadline madness - you'll see a lot more of me in Club Hell!


debbie said...

I would like to ask, would you ever use alternative medicines (including hoodoo) if you were ever sick?

My only concern with hoodoo, is that it could be easily used to prey on people in desperate circumstances.

pvn email subscriber
gfc follower


Jessica said...

What was the road to publication like for you?

I don't know what I really think about Hoodoo. When I don't understand things entirely, I am a bit skeptical about it. But I do think that hoodoo could be real, just because I have no knowledge of it. I suppose because I am an active reader and have been one for years, I am open to new ideas even if I don't understand them.

jessbess2505 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your comments! I would use whatever I believed would help.

In the case of hoodoo, it is folk magic, witchcraft, herbal medicine. I don't feel the practitioners would use it to prey on people in desperate circumstances any more than any other form of magic/herbalism would. Or even traditional medicine. Take a look at our medical system!

Faith healers are probably more likely to take advantage of desperate people than hoodoo.

Bethany C. said...

This looks so good! I love the Maker series.
While writing Black Dust Mambo, did you ever write dialogue and think, "huh, that sounds like something Dante/Von/Heather would say," or confuse any characters and their personalities?

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Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Jessica,
The road to publication was relatively easy - and I know how fortunate I am!

I landed an agent at a prestigious house, then sold the first two books, quickly followed by four more (two more in the first series and two in the new series). I count my blessings every day!

Thanks for your comments!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Bethany,

Thank you for dropping by! I'm glad you've enjoyed the Maker's Song!

No, I never had that problem. Each character is different and each have their own histories and quirks, so that issue never came up. ;)

Jordan said...

Firstly I love your Maker's Song series, I find Dante is THE best vampire I have come across, to date. Putting aside his personality (which is one of the many, many reasons I fell in love with him, Heather is SO lucky) his vampire powers and characteristic are so fresh compared to other auther's versions of vamps.

Anyway my question is how many books do you plan to write in the Maker's song series? Do you have many more stories to tell about Dante, Heather, Von and the rest of the cast? Does the publisher deciede how many books there are going to be in the series?


Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Jordan,

Thanks so much for your comments! I'm honored that you hold Dante in such high regard! So glad you like the Maker's Song books. :)

I have several more books planned, but there's many more stories to tell about Dante, Heather, Von, and Lucien, that the series could go on for a long time.

Sales or the lack of them determines the fate of a series. As long as the books are selling well, the publisher will keep putting them out. If not . . .

Thanks TONS for your support!

k_sunshine1977 said...

this sounds like a really interesting series...something different, y'know? i'm looking forward to reading it....

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Adrian Phoenix said...

Thanks so much, k_sunshine!

mnelson said...

Adrian great interview and you know I love the Makers Mark series and cant wait for BDM.
I don't know alot about hoodoo but there's to much out there not believe that anything can happen.
My question would have to be is my favorite man Von going to be making a guest appereance in the new series?

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Melissa!

Thanks so much for your comments! I appreciate your support, as always!

I don't have specific plans at this point for Von to make an appearance in the hoodoo books, but it's a possibility. Especially if Kallie visits Club Hell or Dante visits the bayou. (You know Von will be with him.)


Anonymous said...

Great Interview, thanks so much for sharing Patricia and Adrian!

Black Dust Mambo sounds like it is going to be an awesome read... really enjoyed the blurb and info you shared.

I hadn't heard of Hoodoo until watching Disney's Princess and the Frog (lol of all places to learn right?). I didn't know there was a difference in Hoodoo and Voodoo until your enlighting post. It does sound interesting.

I also had to grab your recipes you had available for sharing. Do you enjoying cooking/trying out new things? Is food a part of your research when trying to get a feel for how a character's lifestyle may be (likes/dislikes)?

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Pam S

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Pam,

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and the recipes!

Yes, I check out recipes, music, anything that be a part of my character's life. Researching their what their likes and dislikes are is half the fun!

Thanks for you comments!

Sara M said...

I think it will be very interesting to read about hoodoo. There are a lot of UF/PNR novels that include magic, but I've come across very few that include hoodoo. Black Dust Mambo has been on my buy-as-soon-as-it-comes-out list for a couple months now.

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Sara M
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Adrian Phoenix said...

Thanks so much, Sara! I really appreciate your support!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, although I'm fascinated by all this. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

YzhaBella (aka Kate) said...

This has been a great chat! Thank you Patricia and Adrian!

RedButterfly said...

Adrian, for yor what is harder? Writing a new series or keeping on writing and old one??

I want to read this book 'cause the blurb looks good, and this Cajun hoodoo mojo looks interesting

Im a new follower of this blog ^_~ (so I guess Im a PVN google connect follower)


writtenwyrdd said...

The description of the world sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading the novel when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Hoodoo sounds like a real page-turner, have you thought of exactly how many books there will be in the series or know already what happens in the end?

Spav said...

What have been your favourite books this year?

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donnas said...

Sounds like a great start to a new series. Looking forward to it.

How did you celebrate the contract for your first book or what was the first thing you did when you found out about it?

I have to admit I know next to nothing about Hoodoo. At first thought I have to say I wouldnt believe in it. Great for a story, but not so much in real life. I will say that it can probably help those that do really believe in it. Mind over matter type of deal. And if thats what they chose to believe, its their choice.

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FrankSandy said...

How long have you been writing?

Hoodoo seems to be a lot like witchcraft.

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dsandyboy said...

Where does the practice of Hoodoo originate from?

A number of different cultures use natural substances for medicine.

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buddyt said...

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Hoodoo sounds a lot like the African "witch doctors" who in South Africa provide what is called "Muti" (or medicine. They are mainly herbalists but with the occasional ceremony for certain cures.

Do you make use of any Hoodoo medicines ?

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Adrian, Black Dust Mambo sounds so different and new. I can't wait to read it. Where did you get the idea to use Hoodoo?

I've heard of Hoodoo before, but I didn't know there was any difference between that and Voodoo. You learn something new everyday, right?

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-Lisa B.

AngelGoneMad said...

Question: How did you find out about Hoodoo?

Thoughts on Hoodoo - I don't really know much about which is why this book sparks my interest. From what I gather reading this interview is that Hoodoo is sort of like a native thing where people are just born to do these things and don't see it being a part of their religion but more of a part of thmeselves. I am bad at explaining myself. It sounds like how people just know natural rememdie like using flower extracts etc and they have gods and goddesses but they don't necessarily follow a strict religion as with other cultures.

I am not a follower but I enjoyed this interview, especially the part about the different between Hoodoo and Voodoo.

E-Mail address: shoutnaomi at googlemail dot com

Demon Hunter said...

Entry 1--Adrian, what made you interested in Hoodoo? I can't wait to read your book and your take on the mystique in New Orleans.

Entry 2--I personally prefer voodoo, which actually has another name, but I don't have enough time to get into that. :-D

Meredith said...

Adrian, what was your motivation for getting interested in hoodoo?

I think hoodoo sounds interesting, less interesting, and somewhat less of a dark art than voodoo!!!

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meredithfl at gmail dot com

Ina said...

Hi Adrian!
wow, I've never heard about Hoodoo, but it sounds quite interesting...
and I love the covers of your books - do you have a say in choosing them?
wish you all the best,

inale87 at gmx dot at

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Adrian Phoenix said...


Thank you so much! I appreciate your support!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Thanks for your comments, Red Butterfly! I hope you enjoy the book!

Neither one seems hard, actually - new or old series. Sometimes there's more involved with an older series because of character histories and past interactions, but I love it all!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Writtenwyrd, thanks so much!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Estrella,

I have 5 books planned so far, but will be happy to do more than that. No, I have no idea how this ends. It depends on what goes on before.

Thanks for your comments!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Spav,

I think the Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress books have been my favorites, this year. Plus D.B Reynolds' Vampires in America series.

I also enjoyed Jaye Wells' Sabina Kane book too!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Donna S.,

Thanks so much for joining us! The first thing I did when my agent contacted me to tell me about the offer - which I accepted - was to jump up and down and shriek. But carefully. I'd been in a car accident two days earlier and was still in a lot of pain. But the sale kinda made me forget about that!

My friends and my son and his fiancee all took me out to dinner. I had good food, good wine and excellent company!

Thanks so much for your comments. Hoodoo is very interesting and a part of the country's fabric. (A very quiet, little known part. LOL.)

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Franksandy,

I've been writing since I in school (for my friend and sisters), then published a few short stories before writing and selling my first novel (A Rush of Wings). I sold it in June of 2006 and it was released in January of 2008.

You're right about hoodoo sounding like witchcraft. Many similar elements, different gods and spirits.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi dsandyboy,
Thanks for joining me!

I believe the practice of hoodoo originated with the slaves in this country as they tried to hold onto some of their beliefs and magic. It is practiced by both whites and blacks.

According to Luckymojo, "Hoodoo consists of a large body of African folkloric practices and beliefs with a considerable admixture of American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore."

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Carol,

Yes, hoodoo has a lot of similarities to South African magic and that's due to the slaves brought over from Africa.

I haven't used any hoodoo medicines. Yet, I might add.

Thanks for your comments!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Lisa B,

Thanks for your comments! You *do* learn something new every day. ;)

I've always been interested in hoodoo, so it seemed natural to put it in my stories.

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi AngelGoneMad,

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!

I learned about hoodoo through books and stories and on TV.

I think you voiced your thoughts on the differences between hoodoo and voodoo quite well!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi DemonHunter,

I appreciate you joining us! My interest in New Orleans and Louisiana naturally cultivated my interest in hoodoo. I liked the folk magic aspect as opposed to the religious aspects of vodun, or even New Orleans style voodoo.

But I find all of them (including Santeria) fascinating!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Meredith,

Thanks for joining me!

My interest in New Orleans and Louisiana naturally drew me to hoodoo. One thing kind of led to another. ;)

Adrian Phoenix said...

Hi Ina,

Thanks so much for your well wishes! I appreciate it.

For the most part, authors have little to no say over their covers. I've been fortunate in that my editor asks for background ideas, and generally uses them. The cemetery in Beneath the Skin, the swamp and shack and true of bottles in BDM.

I feel very lucky that my books have such great covers! Thanks to Craig White and Steve Stone.