Jul 18, 2008

Nixing Moonlight

Saw this on BuzzSugar.com where CBS executive Nina Tassler was quoted.
  • As for Moonlight, Tassler reminded reporters that she's not anti-vampire. "Everybody knows I love vampires," she said. "Vampires, witches, werewolves, warlocks — I love them all." But she said that while there was a lot of outcry over the show's cancellation, most of it was passion for star Alex O'Loughlin rather than the show as a whole. She said she'd love to find a place for O'Loughlin on another show in the future.


wondergirl9847 said...

Ms. Tassler, nobody accused you of hating vampires. Good grief. We sent you thousands upon thousands of letters telling you how much we loved THE SHOW and how it affected us personally.

The writing, sets, music, acting, chemistry, etc. is what made Moonlight special and amazing. Alex is great, and even though CBS put him at the forefront of their advertising for the show, he didn't make the show alone. You HAVE to have Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, Brian, and the rest of the amazing cast and crew to make Moonlight what it is.

This show needs to continue. There is more story to tell.

Patricia said...


I could not have said it better myself. I hope Ms Tassler reads this blog!

Daelith said...

I hated hearing this one was canceled. I think I just need to quit watching TV all together. Every time I start watching a show regularly, it gets canceled. I never watched Buffy and Angel until they were reruns on cable channels and it did just fine.

Patricia said...


Please don't think of yourself as some kind of jinx. I know it's hard. I sometimes wonder about myself.

But as Tim Allen says in Galaxy Quest, "Never give up! Never surrender!