Jul 28, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest

Readers, if you know of any Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest please leave a comment or send an email to paltner@verizon.net

Good news! Vampire Genre, Vicky London's news and review site about the undead, is back after a brief hiatus. "Vampire Genre reviews vampire novels from contemporary paranormal authors. We focus primarily on romance but also love vampire stories that could be categorized as dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi."


The following, hilarious article, Mob Not Angry At Monster, Just Disappointed, is from The Onion - America's Finest News Source.

"CEAMURLIA, ROMANIA—Clearly frustrated by the third disheartening rampage on their town this week, a band of perturbed, torch-wielding villagers gathered at the gates of Dr. Benedikte Cojocaru's castle Monday to confront the monster that had left a trail of inappropriate destruction and chaos, in hopes of communicating how let down they all felt by his murderous actions, sources said.... Read more
Thanks to alert reader Derek T. for finding this!

Writer David Chen's article - Comic Con: True Blood, and Alan Ball’s Unique Take on Vampires appeared on /Film, July 25,2008. Chen based his account on a True Blood panel discussion featuring producer Ball. For anyone not paying attention to upcoming TV events, the HBO True Blood series is based on Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries.

More News about the Twilight Film:
The Seattle Times reports that "Forks has been dealing with a rise in tourists, mainly young girls, as a result of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. The Olympic Peninsula city, desperately seeking something to replace its fallen timber industry, expects things to only get better with the imminent release of Meyer's fourth book and a film version of "Twilight" later this year." Read more...

Read an interview with author Lynda Hilburn on Literary Escapism
"For the first time at Literary Escapism, I’m really excited to announce our very first interview and contest. We begin with Lynda Hilburn, author of the Kismet Knight series - The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest, which is due out in October.

First off, I would like to thank Lynda for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with Literary Escapism. Make sure you stick around for the end of the interview as there is a contest for a signed copy of The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest. So make sure you stay tuned. Read more...

View the steamy trailer for Lynda Nightingale's forthcoming vampire romance Black Swan (Wild Rose Press).

Watch the trailer for Marta Acosta's The Bride of Castle Dracula (September, 2008).

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