Jul 21, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interests

Reading the Gothic: During the years 2006-2007 this site added podcasts of interest to vampire lovers. The latest update (August 4, 2007) concerns interesting observations on Varney the Vampire, or the Feast of Blood published in 1847. I wish whoever is behind this wonderful site would start it up again.

Be sure to read FEARnet's Vampire Survival Guide by Eric Walsingham and Eddie Nickerson. "We’ve got a little piece of literature that’ll turn you from a chew toy to a Vamp-slaying bad ass of Blade status...."

Says Katie MacAlister (author of Zen and the Art of Vampires, NAL December, 2008)
on her website: We have freebies, both virtual and real. Pick a freebie and have at it!

Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Writers are now blogging about their books. On July 19 Karen Whiddon wrote about her popular series The Pack. The latest story Mate of the Wolf has, for the first time, a vampire character.

On June 16 NPR's All Things Considered June 16, 2007 had an interesting story on the undead. Here is the intro. "Vampires have come a long way since Bram Stoker's Dracula. Many writers are embracing the bloodsuckers, with titles such as You Suck: A Love Story, Fangland and All Together Dead". Listen now.

Rick Kleffel reports for member station KUSP in California.

Chris Marie Green author of the noir-mystery Vampire Babylon series is offering a contest on her site.

"It’s time to gear up the Vampire Babylon (VB) machine again since there are two releases waiting in the wings: the anthology First Blood (with my VB novella “Double the Bite”) as well as Break of Dawn, VB Book three, (Ace Trade September 2, 2008). But First Blood is up next in August, and unlike the urban fantasy vibe of the regular VB series, this story is a “hot” romance. (Guaranteed happily ever after for the main characters!). In keeping with the “hot” tone, this month’s prize package will include Cherie Feather’s scorching Art of Desire (signed bookplate copy) along with an autographed copy of Night Rising Vampire Babylon, Book One, plus the signed first chapter of “Double the Bite.” Contest ends July 31st.

At blog site Shaunie's Happy Place you can enter to win a copy of Real Vampires Have Curves, Book 1 in the Glory St. Claire series (Berkley, 2007) by Gerry Bartlett. The winner will be announced August 2nd.

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