Jul 15, 2008

Excerpts of Recent Books

It often helps to read a bit of the book you think might be of interest. Here are five sites that allow you to do just that.

The Last Vampire by Patricia Rosemoor and Marc Paoletti Del Rey (June 24, 2008).
Click here to read an excerpt.
Blurb: "Deep in a Texas cave, the military unearths a five-hundred year-old corpse, its desiccated flesh teeming with mysterious DNA that can transform mortals into beings of unimaginable power. Captain Scott Boulder, leader of a Black Ops unit that has been endowed with these superhuman abilities, is among the first to benefit from the find. But when, with the help of a voodoo priestess, the creature is conjured to life, unleashing an ancient evil bent on reinstating its poisonous kind on earth, Scott knows he must return the monster to the grave. But this is no ordinary vampire. Once a brutal torturer in the Spanish Inquisition, it can bend the laws of science and magic in horrifying new ways."

Scions: Insurrection by Patrice Michelle Unedited Excerpt from Scions:Insurrection (book 2)Silhouette (May 1, 2008)
Blurb: "When Detective Kaitlyn McKinney responded to a call about a strange, burned body, she discovers something far more complicated - and dangerous. Landon Rourke is a werewolf, exiled from his pack and dedicated to keeping a protective watch over Kaitlyn. A prophecy has said that his kind and vampires would one day come to a truce. But that day has yet to come. Landon has his own past to deal with, too, involving Kaitie herself. A dark truth that has kept them apart for years. When Kaitlyn gets caught up in the battle between vampires and werewolves, their long-simmering attraction ignites. And in that attraction, they find the secret that will bring them together..."

Feast of Fools (Morganville Vampire Book 4) Signet, June 2008.
Blurb: "Think Amelie is scary? Meet her dad, the terrifying vampire Mr. Bishop. What does he want -- and what will Amelie do about it? Claire's caught in the middle, along with her friends and even her parents, as Morganville's fragile alliance between humans and vampires starts to fracture. Soon, everyone will have to choose a companion for the Feast of Fools ... and a side."
Read an excerpt

Chapter one of Michelle Hauf's His Forgotten Forever, a romantic vampire novel for Silhouette Nocturne (July 2008) is available here

Blurb: "After waking in an alley without memory of his life, Truvin Stone then stumbles into a cathedral--where he is forcibly baptized. If that's not strange enough, a kind soul brings him home and tries to convince him he's a vampire (Which may be true. Who can argue fangs?). Lucy Morgan has always enjoyed helping others, but it's time she started taking care of herself, fulfilling goals and dreams. The moment they met, she connected to Truvin, and even when things get weird--vampires and witches have started pursuing them both--she won't deny herself this opportunity for love. A war between the vampires and witches has been brewing for centuries, and Truvin may possibly have stirred it to a boil. He must get back his memory before the witches and priest chasing him with a cross get to him first. For a holy wound will never heal; no vampire can survive. But now that he's had a taste of a new life unhampered by his past indiscretions can he truly go back to being the same man he once was? "

Read an excerpt from The Darkness (2008), Book eleven in the Vampire Huntress Legend series by L. A. Banks.
Blurb: "After the battle at Masada, the Neteru team returns to San Diego believing forty-thousand demons had been eradicated and that Lilith's spawn has been killed. But somehow the treacherous little creature got away. Just as had been prophesized at the dawn of the Armageddon, the anti-Christ has been born and will soon rise to power. Rewarded for her creation, Lilith is given the daylight bite and power to make Councilmen day-walkers. Having Fallon Nuit and Sebastian able to withstand sunlight is a huge problem, especially when they are adding new master vampires at recordbreaking levels. Meanwhile the dark realms are healing and adding to what had previously been wiped out—feeding off the dark energy of the newly created anti-Christ who is only waiting to emerge."

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