Oct 27, 2010

Stoker Sisters - A Vampire Book Review

The Stoker Sisters (Book One): Daughters of Dracula
by Kailin Gow
The Edge, Oct. 12, 2010

It is 1818 and the sweet, charming Sadie Stoker is turned by the handsome Lord Ashwen in order to  save her life. Throughout the years he clings to her humanity by  taking only as much blood as needed. Her victims are never killed or seriously harmed. Her basic nature of wanting to do good in this world has never changed.

Older sister Alexis also turned by Ashwen embraces the vampire life, reveling in the power it gives her. Still she has worked hard not to cross the line by leaving only enough in her victims to allow them to live. This allows her from turning into an evil vampire, a Strigoi.

The sisters were born in the early 19th century . Adopted by the Stokers they did not realize that they could claim special status in the vampire community as the last biological descendants of Vlad Dracule.

This entertaining novel will appeal to the vast YA audience with its insatiable appetite for vampire fiction. Author Kailin Gow tells a lively story with a strong moral center. Daughters is also the basis for a TV/Web series and book 1 in the Stoker Sisters series.

A copy of this book was provided by author Kaitlin Gow. Thank you, Kaitlin.

Watch for  The Stoker Sisters (Book 2): Angels and Hunters. The EDGE (February 8, 2011)

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