Nov 29, 2008

Interview with author Lina Gardiner on Dec. 2

An interview with Lina Gardiner, author of vampire suspense novels Grave Illusions (Imajinn, 2007) and Beyond the Grave (ImaJinn, November, 2008) will be posted on Tuesday, December 2.

Ms Gardiner will standby to answer any questions or reply to any comments you might have. There will also be a contest with one lucky commenter winning a copy of each book.


SciFiGuy said...

I'll be back (who said that?) to check in. Not familiar with Ms. Gardiners work but am always up for a good vampire story.

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi Arnold... I mean Doug. See ya Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

i didntr know lisa had starting writing vampire, i knew she wrote suspense, very happy to see she contiune on with other genres nad would love to read this book!

LindaHill - 1 said...

Hi Lina -
Beyond the Grave should be delivered tomorrow. Can't wait to read the next vampire hunter installment. Jess Vandermire is the kind of heroine I love reading about. She's a complicated kick-ass character who struggles every day to survive. She is fiercly loyal to those she loves which to me only strengthens the humanity she thinks she's lost.

I'm just now finishing up Nora's Pagan Stone....and Jess is next.
Take care. Happy writing.
Linda Hill

PatriciaAltner said...


Hope you stop by tomorrow to read the interview!

LindaHill and blackroze

I'll be sure that Lina sees your comments.

Lina Gardiner said...

SciFiGuy: Thanks for stopping by and checking out my book. Much appreciated!

Blackroze37: I've met Lisa a couple of times at conferences. The last one in October. She's a real sweetie. Sometimes people mistake me for her at conferences, too. She's got a LOT of fans. Giggle

Linda, hi there my friend! Thank you for ordering my book. Be sure to let me know what you think when you're done. Hugs.

Patricia, thanks for the heads up.


Bridget said...

I've posted on Win A Book. No need to enter the contest.

darbyscloset said...

I have often wondered if people get you confused with author "Lisa Gardner"?
Love your books!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

Lina Gardiner said...

Bridget: Thanks for popping by!

Darby, Sometimes at conferences people get our names mixed up. We write different genres, so it's not a big problem. I've met Lisa a couple of times, and at a conference in October as a matter of fact. I love her books, too. She's a very nice person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lina,
I enjoyed Grave Illusions last year and can't wait for the next one to find out who's on top of the building?!?! Any hints? :)

Also, where did the inspiration for darkness and the paranormal come from? You're such a sunny person.

See you at Thursday's book signing.

Lina Gardiner said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have the feeling I know who you are. I'm thinking we spent a few lunch hours discussing writing?
The person on top of the building will be revealed in book two, Beyond the Grave. You might be surprised or maybe not... I'll be interested to find out.

As for the sunny disposition and writing paranormals - - all I can say is Still waters run deep... LOL

Anonymous said...

I loved your first book but im not alowed to read the second yet, mager suspence.
P.S Me and my mom met you at chapters on April 19.