Mar 20, 2011

Those Who Fight Monsters - Paranormal Book Review

Those Who Fight Monsters: Tales of Occult Detectives
Edited by Justin Gustainis
EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy; 1st edition (March 1, 2011)

We can all sleep better knowing that in this new century there is an intrepid band of detectives who hunt down the occult monsters - demons, werewolves, vampires,etc -  that are out to get us.

Justin Gustainis has assembled an entertaining group of fourteen stories where the bad guys/gals/things never stand a chance. Many of the authors - including Gustainis - will be familiar to readers and so will many of their characters. Besides visiting old friends in new situations this terrific volume is a great introduction to writers and series you may have missed.

— A Marla Mason Story — by T. A. Pratt

Marla, chief sorcerer of Felport outwits a nasty, chauvinist sorcerer and saves the town from a hairy beast in this amusing tale.

— A Cosa Nostradamus Story — by Laura Anne Gilman

Daniel Hendrickson is a former cop with the NYPD and now works as a PI. He's half human and half fuan. His magical half comes in handy when a teenage girl is lured away by gnomes. Danny's a fast talking PI with a smart mouth and a caring nature which he would adamantly deny. He has his own book series.

— A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom Story — by Julie Kenner

Did you know that you can track your iphone or it's missing child owner thru the internet. It's especially helpful when a demon may be preparing to sacrifice your child and her friends.

Chronologically, this story falls between Deja Demon and
Demon Ex Machina —Julie Kenner

The Spirit of the Thing: A Nightside Story
by Simon R. Green

In the Nightside, that secret hidden heart of London, where it’s always the darkest part of the night and the dawn never comes, you can find some of the best and worst bars in the world.

John Taylor is a private eye who operates in the Nightside. This time he helps a ghost into the light and finds a way to avenge her murder.

— A Jill Kismet Story — by Lilith Saintcrow

Jill (kick-butt heroine doesn't begin to describe this storm-troooper) is one of the brave few who hunt hell spawn. When another hunter calls for help she drops everything to save him.

— A Detective Jessi Hardin Story — by Carrie Vaughn

The bottom half of a body is found standing. The innards had been scooped out. Turns out this is a vampire story.and an excellent case for Jessi Hardin.

— A Quincey Morris Story — by Justin Gustainis

Quincey Morris, who is descended from the man who gave his life in the fight to destroy Count Dracula, is an occult investigator living in Austin, Texas.  Quincy comes to the aid of a man who made a pact with the devil.

— A Smoke and Shadows Story — by Tanya Huff

Tony Foster is second director on the vampire/detective TV show Darkest Night, He is also a practicing wizard. His magical senses discover a creature who may be behind several missing men in Vancover.

[Offshoot of the Vicki Nelson Blood series.]

— A Vampire Babylon Story — Chris Marie Green

Not all the vampires of the Underground have been destroyed. Some, to their horror live on.

"Former Hollywood stuntwoman Dawn Madison is currently in retirement from vampire hunting and resides near San Diego. Kiko Daniels, who lives nearby, runs a paranormal detective agency with his partner, Natalia Petri."

— A Black London Story — by Caitlin Kittredge

Petunia uses her detective skills in the best Hercule Poirot manner to find the killer of a Fae Prince.

"Petunia Caldecott is a former Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, London. She graduated from London City College and currently resides in Whitechapel. Jack Winter is a mage and a pain in her arse, but he sometimes makes himself useful. He hails from Manchester, England."

— A Sazi Story — by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

Werewolf Tony Giodone is on the case for Wolven, the law enforcement branch of the shapeshifting community known as the Sazi. This time some nasty snake shifters are after a mobster's stash.

— A Hell on Earth Story — Jackie Kessler

The succubus Jezebel is given what she thinks will be an easy soul stealing assignment. Not so fast Jesse.

Note: this story takes place before Hell’s Belles

— A Piers Knight Story — by C.J. Henderson

A parent's love for a child proves stronger than any demon.

"Museum curator Piers Knight is a quiet fellow who likes good food, quiet evenings with a pot of tea and a good book, and being left alone by all the world. While usually well fed and well read, he rarely gets more that a week or two to himself before Fate, Destiny, or some other joker comes knocking at his door, bringing him all manner of bothers."

— An Outcast Season Story — by Rachel Caine

The lure of the avatar almost destroys Cassie and Luis. Although I had heard of Caine's Warden series I had not read any and was not prepared for the lovely cadence of the writing.

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