Aug 18, 2008

A Rush of Wings - Vampire Book Review

A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix. Pocket, 2008.

FBI special agent Heather Wallace arrives in New Orleans on the trail of a serial murderer she has dubbed CCK - the Cross-Country Killer. He has plowed a devastating path of killing across the country. He specializes in perversion and torture. The body of the young university student found in a patio near the goth Club Hell is no exception. As part of her investigation Heather meets the seductive Dante, owner of Club Hell and front for the band Inferno. He is Nightkind (vampire) and makes no effort to hide this from anyone although Heather, like many others, assumes this is part of the act that goes with the dark, heavy atmosphere of the club.

An intricate series of events take place within the next forty-eight hours. More murders occur and Heather realizes that CCK is now focusing his attention on those close to Dante and is leaving messages that trigger nightmarish visions in this young, oddly vulnerable Nightkind. Dante suffers physically and mentally from the horrors that begin to break free from his subconscious. Lucien De Noir, one of the mysterious Elohim, offers Dante as much protection as he can, but even this powerful being has limitations. As Heather is drawn further into Dante's frightening world she eventually accepts that his vampiric nature is real and that more than mortal monsters haunt the night.

Elaborate twists of plot along with gritty realism and seductive beauty create a stunning, riveting story.

On December 30, 2008 the sequel In the Blood appears in bookstores.

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Jackie said...

Now just have to ready my copy bought way back and hoarded until had the first three, thanks for reminding me had these in my TBR pile...

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