Aug 22, 2007

Dresden in Sci Fi's Circular File - Roush Dispatch |

On May 4 I posted on Patricia's Vampire Notes a press release from a group wanting fans to write to SciFi channel to save The Dresden Files. Sadly the campaign didn't work. See Matt Roush's brief article below.


After months of fielding questions from fans desperate to know if Sci Fi was ever going to make a decision on the fate of its clever private-eye/fantasy hybrid The Dresden Files, it's official: The show isn't returning for a second season.

A shame, but hardly a surprise, given the reticence to discuss the matter every time I brought it up to Sci Fi or NBC Universal Cable execs during the recent TCA press tour. In their world, it's all about "running the numbers" (in other words: looking at the ratings and budgets, etc.) and to them, Dresden just didn't seem to measure up.

This confirmation came my way the same morning that there are reports in the trades that Paul Blackthorne, Dresden's very appealing star, has joined the cast of ABC's Big Shots in a recurring role as what's being described as the show's "fifth CEO... a sophisticated, iconic tycoon that the [other] four (Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina) aspire to be."

At least he's landed on his feet. Harry Dresden would be proud.

Posted by Matt Roush
Aug 3, 2007 11:02 AM

Dresden in Sci Fi's Circular File - Roush Dispatch |

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