Jun 18, 2006

Nora Roberts

This is a writer whose novels most often make every bestseller list. Mostly she’s known as a romance or mystery author and she writes books as J D Robb in the science fiction/mystery realm. Recently I discovered that she will publish a trilogy with a vampire theme.

Morrigan's Cross. Jove, Aug. 29, 2006

Dance of the Gods. Jove, Oct. 3, 2006

Valley of Silence. Jove, Oct. 31, 2006

Years ago I was asked to write essays on romance writers and one of the authors I was assigned was Nora Roberts. This was rather early in her career, but she definitely had already gained a following. I admit I was a bit of a snob when it came to romances thinking, like so many, that the authors were all Barbara Cartland clones. Not true, especially in the case of Roberts. Her characters were intelligent and believable as were the plots. Because there are “so many books, so little time” I have only read a few of her stories in recent years. She is still an excellent writer although some of the plots seem a bit tired. Anyway I look forward to reading her take on vampires.

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Cynthia Eden said...

I'm really looking forward to these vampire books. I love all of Nora's witch stories, and I'm sure I'll find her take on vampires just as interesting.