Dec 27, 2010

The Radleys - Vampire Book Review

The Radleys
by Matt Haig
Free Press, December 2010

Dark humor pervades this entertaining vampire family soap opera. While Helen was engaged to Peter Radley, his rougish brother Will  secretly whisks her off for one sex filled, "vampire conversion" night in Paris. Helen discovers she is pregnant and tells Peter the baby is his. This happened 17 years ago. That is when the Radleys (Helen and Peter) decided to live like normal people and follow the guidelines set down by the Abstainer's Handbook, a book written for those who no longer wish to live the traditional vampire life. Complications arise as their two children Rowan - biological son of Will, and daughter Clara begin to acquire vampire characteristics. Clara is the first to change when one night a thuggish classmate attacks her. The fangs erupt on their own and Clara does what any vampire lass would naturally do - she drains him dry. This is when Helen finally agrees with Peter that it is time to explain their heritage to the children.

At first the Radleys seem to be a terribly dysfunctional family, but soon enough each of them shows a depth not apparent in the beginning. They learn to pull together when outside forces attempt to destroy them. Ultimately this is a story about family and love.

[A version of this review appeared in the October, 2010 issue of Library Journal]


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Odd but I don't think I'd ever given a thought to there being a vampire soap opera.(not counting Dark Shadows of course) Definitely checking this book out further. Maybe with the love of paranormals and the failing of regular soaps now would be a good time for the networks to come up with another "Dark Shadows" series for their soap lineups. With as many defuncted soaps there should be a good selection of soap actors looking for work.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Lisa

The Radleys would make a brilliant TV soap! The author should try pitching it to some TV executive.

Great to hear from you.

Cherry said...

I enjoyed reading this book... just wish they would give it a more urban fantasy-ish cover :)

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Cherry

I agree completely. This cover is not one that would grab anyone's attention.

Susan said...

I am so taken with The Radley Family..Even after a few weeks of reading it I still chuckle..So well written and endearing I did see a post on twitter It could be a Movie I guess they are working on all. TV would be amazing I guess we will stay tuned..Its a very gender friendly book as well.. YA/Adults will Love The Radleys Thanks Patricia for your Review I emailed a friend your site...

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Susan

So glad you enjoyed The Radley's as well. As you say it will appeal to readers of all ages.