Dec 29, 2010

Michele Hauf Interview and Contest

Today PVN welcomes Michele Hauf noted author of vampire romances and other paranormal stories. MIchele has appeared here before and it is a pleasure to have her back. Her most recent novel Seducing the Vampire is now available in bookstores. She is here to discuss her new novel and other matters of interest.

Michele is also offering readers a chance to win a copy of her new book.[see contest details at the end of the post]

Q: Would you discuss your new novel Seducing the Vampire and what books will follow?

Michele:  Seducing is a favorite of mine because I love historicals.  Even though most of my books have been set in modern times, I always have characters that have been around for centuries, and love incorporating details from their history.  Now, you can see the hero and heroine interact in the past (and fall in love) and it's set in one of my favorite time periods--the 18th century.  But I'm calling this one a modern historical because it's also set in the present.  Readers can follow the hero's quest (in modern times) in his search for the love he thought lost to him forever.

The books that follow will feature some characters introduced in Seducing, namely the son (or is he?) of the hero and heroine, whose story is FOREVER VAMPIRE.  And there's another son who will have his story in FOREVER WILD (not scheduled yet, but will be out with Nocturne).

Q: You have 5 books including Seducing the Vampire as part of your BEAUTIFUL CREATURES world. Would you describe that world and the books you have included there?

Michele:  Actually, there are about 9 novels and 5 or 6 novellas in the Beautiful Creatures world so far.  Most of the paranormal romances I have written for Harlequin are set in that world.  (You can see a complete series/world list here:

The world is very much the mortal realm as we know it, only all the creatures we imagine and dream about also occupy it.  And they way I work it, you don't have to read one book in the series to understand what's going on in another book.  But, if you like secondary characters in a certain book, they might also have their own world.  I've just launched the Club Scarlet site which is a place where you can look up all my characters, and learn what books they are in, who they are related to (and if they have stories), and other fun stuff.  Check that out here:

Q: Why do you consider vampires to be romantic heroes?

Michele: Well, they're not all romantic.  :-)  (Just as it is with the mortals.)  But I think the allure of the tall, dark stranger who promises a kiss of everlasting life is a strong draw in our reading fantasies.  I also think every reader has their own idea of what is romantic to them.  So some women may swoon over the vampire carrying a fistful of red roses with a hint of fang showing in his grin.  Others may adore the fanged ones who roll up on Harleys and sweep them off their feet.  Really, I think you can make any man (mortal or vampire) romantic; it's all in how he presents himself to the heroine, and what's going on inside his head.  Ok, I confess, it's what's in their brains that is most romantic to me.  How he thinks, how he views the world, and how he reacts to the world and what it offers him. 

Q: Do you have a favorite vampire film or TV series?

Michele:  Hmm, I'm sorely lacking in TV viewing lately, so I have to confess I haven't watched the latest crop of vampire shows.  So I'm sticking with a classic, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I'm a Spike girl.

Q: I know you mostly from your vampire stories but you also write in other genres. Would you discuss some of these other works?

Michele: Well, I had the extreme fortune to write a few fantasy novels for Luna.  Those stories had a strong heroine and were set in medieval France.  I also got to write a few Bombshells, which were action/adventure, female-centric stories again, yet set in modern times and featuring jewel thieves, a getaway car driver, and a crime fighter.  I SO love writing action/adventure stuff.  And to weave a little romance in those stories really makes it fun.

And right now, I'm one of the handful of authors who write under the Alex Archer pseudonym for the Rogue Angel series.  Again, a female-centric, action/adventure series, that is all kick-ass (and no romance; pout).  But I love writing those stories because it gives me a chance to exercise my need for writing Bombshell stuff. 

Q: What authors or books inspired you as you were growing up?

Michele:  Anyone who wrote a compelling story.  And after I started writing my first book (Dark Rapture; vamp rom) I discovered Anne Rice.  She may have been the one to make me realize I love the 18th century, and that vampires could indeed be sexy. 

Q: Please describe your writing day and your writing environment.

Michele:  Well, I have to walk about fifteen steps from my bed to my office desk.  LIfe is tough, I know.  ;-)  I usually get my best writing done in the mornings when it's quiet.  I can't listen to music while writing, must have silence.

I've two cats who check in with me during the day.  I finally got a laptop so now you can also find me parked on the couch.  (I so need to get more exercise!).  I surround myself (in my office) with things I love, like books, old maps, visually stunning artwork, so it's a very creative place for me.  Though at the moment I feel a bit like a hoarder with boxes all over the floor, and books toppling over everywhere.  But I'm sure readers and writers alike can relate to having too many books.  ;-)

Q: What are your current projects?

Michele:  Just sold 3 Nocturnes, so I'm working on The Werewolf's Wife, which is Ridge and Abigail's story (both were in Her Vamp Hubbie).  Also working on a couple Nocturne Bites.  I don't have a title for it, but I'm pairing a witch (hero) and familiar.

Readers who've read my stories know that familiars are demon conduits, but they need to have sex to bring a demon to this realm.  The witch kinda stands around waiting for the 'act' to complete, then he summons the demon.  Well, this witch wants to cut out the middleman and have sex with the familiar himself, which should be all business, but know what happens when love barges in.

And I can also say I'm working on some new Rogue Angel stories as well. 

Q: Tell us about VampChix and  The Ultimate Vampire List.

Michele:   Heh.  Well, I have too many blogs.  :-)  I think I have an addiction.  But I wanted to create a blog dedicated strictly to vampire books, movies and authors.  I know there are a lot of great blogs out there already that do that, but I figured our focus would be bringing in the authors that everyone likes to learn a little more about.  And heck, it's a means to promote my own work when that comes out.  We have some great bloggers at VampChix—including Patricia's fab monthly list of new vampire releases—and I think it's turned into a necessary addition to your blogroll if you likes vampires.

As for the Ultimate VampList, that is a labor of love.  I started it back in '94 or '95 with about 100 titles on the list.  Now it's well over 4000 titles strong, and divided into genre categories so you can access the list for an easy way to discover new (or old) vampire reads.  I didn't set out to make it an official bibliography site.  Just wanted simple entries, and then links to Amazon, if the reader needs more information.  If you are looking to discover new authors (or older, established authors) who write vampire romance, you can search the list, and I promise you will be amazed how many titles there are.  Other categories are Mystery, Sci/Fi, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Movies/TV, and more. 

Q: How can readers contact you?

Michele:   I'm pretty good about answering email, so you can email me directly at  Also find me at VampChix, or my personal blog:  I've a couple Facebooks pages (I know, I seriously have too many blogs and other online sites).  I'm all over the place. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Michele:  Just that I love how readers have been embracing my Beautiful Creatures world and the various stories in it.  I love hearing from readers, and I hope to continue to write stories I enjoy reading (fingers crossed readers enjoy them!) for a long time to come.

PVN: Many thanks for the interview, Michele!

Readers please note - Michele is giving away her short story, The Sin Eater's Promise, which is in the Of Angels & Demons series.  Go here to download the pdf or read online:


*Michele is generously providing one lucky winner with a copy of  Seducing the Vampire
*To enter the contest simply comment on Michele's post.

*The giveaway is limited to US residents only.

*Be sure your email address is associated with your comment.

*Contest ends January 12, 2011 at 11:59 EST


SiNn said...

congrats on the new book! im a totally spike girl my self angels cute when hes all broody spieks hot just because and that accent is all i can say really great post

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I agree with Michele's views on vamps as romantic heroes, sexy brains and all that. mmmmmm

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That was a great interview. It is amazing how much time gets spent on the computer, I'll think about exercise when spring comes.LOL. I would love to read the book, it sounds really good.

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Great interview. I love reading about vampires. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

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Congrats on your new book. I agree Michele, I love Spike too.

I love this series and own most of them. I can't wait to pick up the newest book and read it.

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Can't wait for the new books!

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Excellent interview!
Happy New Year!
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Michele Hauf said...

So glad to hear everyone likes vampires! I hope the genre never loses steam, and becomes a mainstay on the romance shelves.

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Glad you liked the interview.

Great to hear from you!

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Really enjoyed your interview.I love vampire books. They are my favorite. Love the book cover.
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Hey Michele:) Oh yeah, vamp bad guys are s e x y! But why are vamp women usually *itches?

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I'm a Spike girl too :) This series sounds really interesting. I like how you say that not all vampires are romantic because some stories make them out to be really evil while others give them a troubled past heh.


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Michele, thank you so much for the short story! I also read the first chapter of Seducing the Vampire and now I can't wait to read more!


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I don't even watch tv shows anymore so I couldn't pick a vampire show either. I would prefer to read over watching a much better. Great interview..VampChix was great too. Your awesome at the paranormal writing. Love it!! I'd love to win your book too =)

Michele Hauf said...

Cl McClune, I'm actually doing my first vampire heroine in the next book, Forever Vampire, and I think she's pretty cool. ;-)

Kelly M said...

Great interview...
Thank you for sharing with us...
I have only read one of Michele's book... but I loved it and have shared with my book club girls... I would love to win this book...
Thank you for this contest..

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I follow on GFC.

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