Jul 25, 2010

This Week on PVN July 24, 2010

On Tuesday July 27 Alex Bledsoe author of The Girls With Games of Blood visits PVN.
Girls features centuries-old vampire Baron Rudolf Zbinski who is making a new 'life' for himself in 1975 Memphis. This is the second book centering on the highly calculating, amoral Count, a captivating character.

Read a review of Girls With Games of Blood.

Read an interview with Susan Hubbard author of the vampire novel Season of Risks, Book 3 in the Ethical Vampire series. Enter the contest to win a copy of Season. The worldwide continues until Tuesday July 27 at midnight.

The contest for Sharon Ashwood's book Unchained has ended.  The winner is Dottie (Tink's Place). The winner was selected by using Random.org

The Dead Guy, a friend of Sharon's, had written a plaintive, funny letter about the downside of being a vampire. Readers were asked to give DG advice. It was great to see that PVN readers have terrific senses of humor:

"I would give the dead guy a three month subscription to a vampire dating service so he could meet a nice dead girl."

"He needs a bar of chocolate - chocolate always helps to get through the day (or night) ;) "

"Dear Dead Guy, No one likes a sad sack - a positive attitude is everything. Try a new buzz hair cut, they are stylish and easy to maintain...."


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