Dec 28, 2009

Doomsday Can Wait - Book Review

Doomsday Can Wait
by Lori Handeland
St. Martin's Paperbacks (April 28, 2009)

From the publisher: It took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions. Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent forces that have tried to wipe out the human race since the beginning of time. She battled these beings once, thwarting Doomsday but losing most of her soldiers in the massacre. Now she must replenish her troops quickly—because the supernatural war isn’t over yet.

As the new leader of the federation, Liz is marked for death by a Navajo witch with a link to her past. To survive, she must rely on her few remaining allies—her mentor, a shaman with too many secrets, as well as ex-lover, Jimmy Sanducci. Bringing Jimmy into the mix is a dangerous move, for Liz’s darkest desires are razor-sharp—and her longing for Jimmy is at a fever pitch. But can Liz afford to give into the cravings that burn inside her, with the next shot at Doomsday just around the corner? This time, if evil wins, chaos will reign—and the world as we know it will be lost forever…

PVN: Handeland's Doomsday series is one of the best of the burgeoning paranormal fantasies based on biblical allusions to fallen angels, children of the fallen and human women, plus a clash of darkness and light.

Liz Phoenix is the resilient, sometimes frightened leader of Light. She says "I found myself the leader of a band of seers and demon killers at the dawn of the Apocalypse. Turns out a lot of that biblical prophecy crap is true".

Jimmy, whom she has loved for so many years, may be lost to the darkness that seeks to claim his vampiric strength, but if he can be saved he will be one of Liz's best assets in the coming  apocalyptic battle.

Throughout this book and the last, Liz has gained  immense power. She is fortunate in that her paranormal abilities increase through hot sex, usually provided by Sawyer the enigmatic, Navajo skinwalker and witch.

Doomsday Can Wait continues the nail-biting adventure, along with sizzling sex found in Any Given Doomsday. Book 3 in the series Apocalypse Happens  came out in November. I haven't had a chance to buy it yet, but I have a B&N gift card I'm itching to use.

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Anyone else read this series? What do you think?

[Dear FTC. I bought this book myself]


chelleyreads said...

sounds very intriguing... i haven't heard of the series till now--thank you for the introduction and great review :)

Patricia Altner said...


Hope you like it. Let me know!

Kathleen- Kathleen's Book Reviews said...

The first book in this series just didn't do it for me so I didn't keep track of this one or the third. Maybe I need to give it another chance?

Tanya said...

I wrote a response to this in another post you had..please ignore that one :)

Needless to say I really like this series and the tug of war she has to go though and at the same time I'm rooting for both guys :/

lol I haven't read the 3rd installment many books to little time...I'm wondering how the young guy they encountered "the lion pup" is going to play into the 3rd book.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Kathleen

Sometimes timing is everything when it comes to liking a book. Pick it up one day -hate it. Pick it up another day - love it. Sometimes.

Maybe this series is just not your thing. Goodness knows I don't always like books that get great reviews!

Great to hear from you!

Patricia Altner said...


Glad you like this series as well.

Yes, poor Liz. She's torn between two gorgeous guys!

Maybe I can find book 3 this weekend. Than I need to find time to read it!