Sep 8, 2009

Jessica Lee - Guest Blog and Contest

Please welcome Jessica Lee author of the erotic vampire novel Desire to Die For (Loose-Id, 2009).

Interview with Desire to Die For’s Master of the Enclave : Kenric St. James
by Jessica Lee

I have the special privilege today to be allowed access to the compound where the Master of the Enclave, Kenric St. James has granted me a private interview.

Surprisingly, this larger-than-life warrior is very laid back and has shown me to the kitchen at his home, which also serves as the headquarters for his Enclave of vampires. The over six-foot warrior claims the head of the table, and then motions for me to take the seat beside him. I’m by no means a small woman, but the all-consuming presence of this man --er, vampire is quite intimidating. And at the same time, exhilarating.

JL “Would you like to get right down to business, Mr. St. James?”

KSJ “You sound like my kind of woman, Ms. Lee”

JL The deep rumble of his voice and the implication of his words, jerks my head in his direction. He smiles, and I can’t help but smile back. An instant blast of heat rushes to my cheeks, and I drop my gaze back to my notes. I have to keep this professional. Flirting with a vampire…not ever a good idea. Especially with one that oozed power and felt as lethal as the one sitting next to me. “So, I take it that’s a yes,” I finally manage to say.

KSJ “Yes, what’s your first question for me?”

JL “Well, since you opened the door with that last statement. Exactly what kind of woman is your type, Mr. St. James? You’re over three-hundred-years old, I assume you’ve met more than your fair share. Is there a type woman left on the planet that can captivate you?” He straightens in his chair, and the smile dies on his face. In its place, a hardened, cold expression forms that makes me immediately sorry I’d brought the subject back up.

KSJ “Irrelevant, Ms. Lee”

JL “Irrelevant? I don’t understand. You may be a vampire, but from what I know about vampires, you’re still a…functioning man, right?” His head swivels in my direction, and the dark lines that form his brows lower.

KSJ “I was not implying that I was impotent, Jessica.” He leans over the table, bringing his face a little closer to mine. “I can assure you that’s not the problem.” Kenric eases back in his chair and pulls a blade from his thigh, rolling it in his palm.

JL “Oh…okay.” A shiver runs down my spine. If I’d had any doubts, the amount of testosterone that had just hovered over the table blew them all away. “Can you tell me what you did mean then? Why doesn’t it matter what kind of woman is your type?”

KSJ What sounds like a low growl rumbles from his side of the table then his eyes lift to mine. “One name: Marguerite Devonshire. My sire.” He slams the blade into the table. Almost launching me from seat with his suddenness move. The sharp edge wedges into the wood and the dagger stands on its nose. Kenric tosses a look my way that sucks the air from my lungs. Fire swirls around his pupils. And it’s a sight I’ll never forget. Quickly, I divert my gaze. “She’s obsessed with me.” He continues as if nothing had happened. “As long as I refuse her as my mate, she’s determined to destroy any woman who holds a place in my bed. Until I can hunt her down and destroy her, I can’t take that risk. Besides, my existence as head of the Enclave brings nothing but danger and death at my door. What woman in her right mind would want to be a part of my life? It’s better this way. This is what I know. What I can control.”

JL I rub my hands briskly over my upper arms. The room has suddenly turned as cold as a tomb.

KSJ “Cold, Ms. Lee?”

JL My gaze darts to his, the fire was gone now, leaving only the most beautiful clear blue eyes. With his black-as-sin wavy hair and thick eyelashes that hovered over eyes the color of tropical waters, Kenric St. James was a woman’s wet dream come to life.

KSJ “Are you cold, Jessica?”

JL “Oh.” I guess I’d never responded the first time. I nod my head. “A little.”

KSJ “Sorry about that. A drop in temperature can sometimes be a side effect when a vampire, at least of my years, experiences strong emotion. That’s why control is a coveted discipline in this Enclave. It should feel warmer soon.”

JL “I see. You mentioned the Enclave, can you tell me a little bit about what you do?”

KSJ “My warriors and I defend the human population from the Death Euphoria addicted vampires who roam the streets, looking for their next fix. Their next kill.”

JL “Why don’t more people know about this threat to our existence?”

KSJ “Because we’re doing our job.” He leaned forward once more. “And pray that they never have to find out.”

JL I open my mouth to respond but another warrior, looking as dark and lethal as Kenric comes through the door. He steps to Kenric’s side, leans in, and whispers in his ear. The warrior glances my way while and quirks his lip in my direction. He winks. My pen slips from my hand and pings off the floor. Oh my God. I reach over to retrieve my Bic from the floor, but another hand beats me to it. Kenric is on his feet, and I never even heard him move. Slowly, as I lift my head, my eyes follow the hard muscles of his thighs up past flat abs that surely held an eight pack to the handsome planes of his face. From this new angle, I notice a pale scar bisecting his right cheek. It makes me wonder what other atrocities this Master of the Enclave has lived through in his past. I take my pen from his hand. “Thank you.”

KSJ “My second in command, Guerin--“ He indicates the exotic looking warrior at his side -- “has informed me of something I have to personally take care of. I’m sorry, but our interview is over.”

JL “Of course, I understand.” I grab my notepad and rise from the table.

KSJ “My assistant, Michael, will show you out.” He pivots to leave then stops, turning partially back to face me. A smile warms his face for a brief moment, but long enough to make my toes curl before it vanishes. “It was a pleasure meeting you in person, Jessica.”

JL I can’t stop the grin I know is beaming on my face. “I feel the same way, Kenric.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about the mysterious Master of the Enclave, Kenric St. James. I had a blast!

Here’s a little bit about Kenric and Emily’s story:

Kenric St. James wants revenge. After two centuries of denying his body’s needs and with vengeance finally at hand, the last thing he expected to find was the one woman he burns to claim as his own. If only giving her his love wouldn’t surely mean her death.

All Emily Ross desires is time alone to learn who she is without a man and to save the home that holds her heart. The last thing she wants is another controlling, dominant male calling all the shots, in bed and out. Never would she have thought stopping her car one night to save a dying man might change her mind, and her life, forever. But is what they have, their desire, worth dying for?

What great Alpha Male characters have you been wishing that they too would grant you a very special private interview?
Leave a comment today and I’ll randomly draw one lucky winners name to win a $10 Loose Id gift certificate.
The contest will run until Friday September 11 at 11:59 PM.



RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for the great interview.
The character sounds great and the book sounds intriguing.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
All the best,
twitter: @RKCharron

Valorie said...

My ultimate alpha male and man of my dreams: Marius de Romanus. I would die a happy, happy woman. For me, there is only Marius.


Leontine said...

Hi Patricia, I am new to your blog but already enjoying myself *grin*

I wouldn't mind getting up close and personal with Daemon from TBJ series of Anne Bishop, or Barrons from the Fever series KMM or Belliard/Gaelen from the Tairen series from CL Wilson, or Keir from The Warprize - Elizabeth vaughan. So many I really want a 1 on 1 with ;)

I had a blast reading this interview Jessica and Desire To Die For sounds like a novel right up my alley!

Patricia Altner said...

Posted for Keta Diablo

Keta Diablo said...

Woot! Loved this interview with the vampire!

"He" has my libido working overtime already.

Most definitely I'll be checking out this book.

Wishing you loads of success on this release.

Keta Diablo

Cathy M said...

Great list, ladies. I would add Rule Turner from Eileen Wilks series, Devlin from Joey Hill's, A Vampire's Claim, and of course, Roarke.


Jessica Lee said...

Hi RK, So glad you enjoyed "meeting" Kenric! Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck. :)

Hi Valorie, Oooh, I haven't heard about Marius before. He must be something else. :) Thanks for commenting!

Hi Leontine, Oh, I totally agree about Barrons. Mmmm. Mmmm.... That man is Yummy. LOL I'm so glad you like the sound of DTDF! Good Luck with the contest. :)

Hi Keta!, Whoo-hoo! Thank you. I'm so glad Kenric caught your attention. :) Thanks for commenting and wishing you luck with the drawing.

Hi Cathy M, Thanks for stopping by and adding to our list of yummy males. It looks like I'm going to have to check out Joey Hill's vampire series. This character keeps popping up over and over again as a must read.

Anonymous said...

Great post.The books sounds great.

Mary Marvella said...

I'd like to interview this lovely fellow or one of Karin Tabke's knights.

Jessica Lee said...

Hi Elaine and Mary, thanks so much for dropping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the Master of the Enclave.
I haven't heard about Karin Tabke's Knights, Mary. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

ibeeeg said...

ummm...WOW! That was one great interview.

Alpha male??? that interview, another name is not popping into my head.

I did see someone mention Barrons. Yeah, I would go with him.


Cybercliper said...

Wow, don't even begin to know where to begin. First, awesome interview!! Love the whole alpha male thing...but I'm a greedy gussie and one is impossible!!! My dream alpha male(s), so many to choose from...Ward's BDB Vishous, Kenyon's Zarek ((shivers)), and Cole's Lachlain MacRieve, oh and all of KMM highlanders. Told you I was greedy. :-D

Jessica Lee said...

Hi Ibeeg!
Thanks so much! I'm so glad you had a good time meeting Kenric. Oooh, and I totally agree, Barrons ignites the pages.

Hi Cybercliper!
Love your collection of Alphas! Not greedy at all. Alphas are addictive. :) Thanks so much on the interview. Kenric was a LOT of fun to write!

Patricia Altner said...

Posted for Naima Simone

Naima Simone said...

As one who has bought and thoroughly enjoyed Desire to Die For, I still have to say this interview makes me want to go back and lick--I mean read the book over again. Hee-hee-hee! Slip of the tongue. Shoot! There I go with those puns again!

But, the Alpha Male I would wish to have an interview with is the archangel, Raphael, from Nalini Singh's "Angel's Blood". He is everything dominant, powerful and so lovely!! *sigh* I love him...

Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

Gee, I live dangerously. I'd like to know more about Kenric.

Thanks for the thrill of the morning.

ddurance said...

I haven't seen Christine Feehan's Carpathians mentioned. They're all big alphas too. They pretty much force the bond with their women, but it's all good. lol


Jessica Lee said...

Thank you Patricia's Vampire Note for allowing me the opportunity to spend a little time on your fantastic site! Naturally, I adore the theme you cover here. :)
And Congratulations to ibeeeg! She is the lucky winner of a $10 gift certificate to Loose Id. Thank you all, though, for taking the time to get to know the Master of the Enclave Kenric St. James. If you'd like to learn a little more, his story is out now at in Desire to Die For. Thanks for stopping by!!