Mar 13, 2009

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest March 13, 2009

See the trailer for Immortal Bride (Silhouette Nocturne) by Lisa Childs. Harlequin March 1, 2009.

From the publisher: For generations, local residents have whispered about an evil menace lurking near the shore of the Lake of Tears. The recent murder of landowner Damien Gray's bride, Olivia, confirms the worst. Now, confused and heartbroken, Olivia's spirit survives death and seeks vengeance upon the man she desired more than life itself, the man she now suspects was her killer—Damien.

But an angry shaman has his own vicious agenda, one that will bring Damien to understand his Native ancestry. Steamy passion and ancient vendettas will draw them ever deeper into a drama of a family's legacy, murder and a love so strong it can withstand even death.

Caridad Pineiro writes about her vampire series The Calling on Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog "Caridad Pineiro brings you more luscious vamps in her series The Calling with two recent releases – the short story Honor Calls from Silhouette Nocturne Bites, and Fury Calls, in stores now from Silhouette Nocturne! Caridad is here to tell you more about both books and how she couldn’t resist making some sexy secondary characters into heroes on their own…" Read More

The publisher Orbit offers More Dresden Files by Jim Butcher - Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11) (April 7, 2009).
"To get you in the mood for the next eagerly-awaited installment of the Dresden Files, we thought we’d pass on a few sample chapters of Turn Coat, out in hardback in April." Read more here.

Go to to watch a feature. "This fan video was made by nall0526 on YouTube done to the song “Light On” sung by David Cook. This song sounds so powerful and follows Bill and Sookie’s strong love for each other throughout episodes 1- 12. No matter what the difficulties they may endure they will always be drawn to each other and have each other. Enjoy!"

From National Geographic News

Exorcism Skull Found in Italy

Read the story here


At Bitten By Books there is a chance to win one of ten copies of The Accidental Human (Accidental Friends, Book 3) by Dakota Cassidy. The contest ends on 3/18/09 at 11:59 pm PDT and the winner will be contacted the following week.

Moving On Up: 'Need' by Carrie Jones

By Shannon Maughan -- Publishers Weekly,03/05/2009

Read an interesting article on publicizing the young adult, paranormal romance Need Bloomsbury, 2008


Erotic Horizon said...

Good round up this week.

I'll definately be reading the Caridad Pineiro book, her series is great and I hope I get around to the New Dresden - Jim butcher is a force to be experienced.

Thanks for the roundup


DeSeRt RoSe said...

Interesting post, made me add a couple of books to my tbr.. I liked the picture of the suspected vampire skull, very interesting!!

Patricia Altner said...

Hi E.H>

I have 2 of Caridad Pineiro books but haven't read them yet but I've heard good things.

The Dresden Files are a favorite and I regularly watched the SciFi Channel version. Of course we know what happened to that.

Patricia Altner said...

DeSeRt RoSe

Glad you liked the post and that you found some interesting book.

I found several photos of that vampire skull, but NatGeo had the best!

Thanks for writing

Theresa M. Moore said...

I wanted to let you know that your list is by no means complete. I am an author of 7 vampire novels in my Children of The Dragon series, a chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood. I am currently working on my 8th book in this series. For more information about these books visit my site. Thanks.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Theresa

I'm always happy to find out about another vampire series!

Thanks for writing.

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for info on Theresa's books]