Mar 10, 2009

Books to be Reviewed

There are several books on my To-Be-Reviewed list. I will post them here for your perusal. Some of you may have already read one or more of the titles. Feel free to post your opinion, but, as always, be polite.

Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, Book 6) by Carrie Vaughn. Central Publishing (March 1, 2009)
From the publisher: Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Kitty and Ben flee The City That Never Sleeps, thinking they were finished with the dangers there, but the sadistic cult of lycanthropes and their vampire priestess have laid a curse on Kitty in revenge for her disrupting their rituals. Starting at the next full moon, danger and destruction the form of fire strikes Kitty and the pack of werewolves she's sworn to protect.

She enlists the help of a group of TV paranormal investigators - one of whom has real psychic abilities - to help her get to the bottom of the curse that's been laid on her. Rick, the Master vampire of Denver, believes a deeper plot lies behind the curse, and he and Kitty argue about whether or not to accept the help of a professional demon hunter - and vampire - named Roman, who arrives a little too conveniently in the nick of time.

A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon)by Chris Marie Green. Ace Trade (March 3, 2009)

From the publisher: If you run out of vampires to destroy at home, there’s always work overseas…

Hollywood stuntwoman-turned-vampire-hunter Dawn Madison, along with her comrades, managed to wipe out the Los Angeles Vampire Underground—and uncovered not only her own dark family heritage but also a terrible truth about the man she loves. Now she’s determined to find the next vampire lair, hoping it will help her to make more sense out of her life.

When a new Underground is found in England, Dawn and a vampire-fighting team are dispatched to carry the fight to the enemy in London. Dawn knows by now how deceiving appearances can be—and she is about to find out that it’s not only the beautiful people of Hollywood who are willing to bargain with evil…

Oh Life, Lovely Life by Chris Marcil. Eloquent Books, 2009. (ebook)

Where The Rain Is Made by K Celeste Bryon. The Wild Rose Press (October 3, 2008)
From the publisher: A Dangerous Warrior Held captive by a decadent-looking savage, Francesca DuVall spends every waking moment planning an escape for her brother, Marsh. But she never counted on falling in love with the man whose smoldering sapphire eyes cause her to tremble with unbridled passion. Ethan Gray, the man, is a curator at a famous museum . . . most of the time, that is. At other times, he's Meko, a savage warrior hurtled into the past to help his beloved people, the Cheyenne. A Rebellious Beauty Though their worlds are decades apart, Meko, can't resist the dark-haired, green-eyed beauty he kidnaps during a raid. A brutal, savage leader of the Dog Soldiers, he has many battles to fight to save his people, but none he wants to win more than the one that will capture Cesca's heart forever. From the windswept plains of Colorado and the harsh life of a Dog Soldier to the placid life of a curator, their love was fueled passion and kindled by destiny.

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori. Lyrical Press, Feb. 2009. (ebook format)

From the publisher: Will it be love or death when fairy and vampire come together?

An attack on her family drives Ariya to seek protection at the Ashen Twilight House. Once there, she encounters only more danger, along with the dark rescuer who haunts her dreams.

Jace Archane is a vampire on the hunt, and distractions like Ariya are the last thing he wants or needs.But their survival might just hinge on one another when a vicious elemental creature threatens the underground world of Nightwalkers, Lycans and Shifter Elves. Caught between a shared enemy and otherworldly love, Jace and Ariya must unite before fear can tear them apart.

Currently reading Private Midnight by Kris Saknussemm. Overlook Hardcover (March 5, 2009)

From the publisher: Detective Birch Ritter is a man on the edge-of himself. His past is filled with secrets, shadows, guilt, and ghosts. Then a dubious police buddy he hasn't seen in a year introduces him to a mysterious woman who says her business is shadows. What she knows about what lies between the darkness and the light inside men is more than Ritter may want to find out, and much more than he can resist learning. It's said that to try to forget is to try to conceal, and concealing evidence is a crime. But maybe revelation is another kind of crime-against nature.

I am now the proud owner of the Kindle 2 which makes reading ebooks so much easier than staring at files on the computer.

Print or Kindle I'm a slow reader. Please be patient with me!


Erotic Horizon said...

A Drop Of Red looks so good.. Looking forward to the review...

Am i going crazy or does the Lori Rae cover looks eerily familiar.


Jackie M (Literary Escapism) said...

I have a few of these sitting on my desk as well.

Erotic Horizon - have you been seeing Lori's cover all over the place? It seems like I have been lately.

Vickie said...

Congrats on the Kindle 2.

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Jackie M,

I have been looking at old paranormal covers recently - I am a poster fan, i get covers blown up if i like them..... there's something really familiar about this cover - not sure if it's the picture or the aura of the scene.

I probably have been looking at too much covers recently.

Can't wait to read the review Patricia. I totally missed the kindle thing - sorry my dear - hope you enjoy it.


Patricia Altner said...

E.H> and Jackie

I know I have seen other covers with that same gauzy look!

A few months ago SciFiGuy did a post comparing various urban fantasy covers and how many were a variation on the same theme.

Anyway, EH, I don't think you are going crazy :)

Patricia Altner said...

Vicki and E.H>

So far I'm very happy with the Kindle 2. Easy to read and even allows highlighting which is great when I have a review book.

Vickie said...

Patricia: I have heard nothing but good reviews on the K2. One day, I may have to see about getting one....Glad you are diggin' it.