Mar 29, 2009

A Drop of Red - Book Review

A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon Book 4) by Chris Marie Green. Ace, March 3, 2009

Dawn and Costin are in London searching for its Vampire Underground. Costin must erase every Underground in existence along with the Dragon before it rises. Only then will he be able to regain his soul. Dawn had helped him destroy the Underground in Hollywood. She suffered because of it. For a time she became a vampire, but when her creator died she once again regained her humanity. But before that happened she was forced to make a difficult decision. Costin resided in the dying body of Jonah Limpet. Dawn believed the only way to save him was to use the blood exchange and turn him into a vampire. Now he is the fledgeling vamp trapped in another's body relying on a woman, albeit one he is cares about deeply, for his training and sustenance. ( He's a macho kind of guy. )

The story opens with the horrifying death of Kate by a group of teenage school girls who have embraced the dark life of the undead. Kate's death is the first lead to London's Vampire Underground. Natalia, a psychic from Romania, joins Costin, Dawn, and Kiko ( also a psychic but a damaged one ) in the hunt. Frank, Dawn's father and now himself a vampire, works with the group to track down any information on the local master and his followers.

Green has created a dark, complex vampire world where many vampires have lost their conscience and think nothing of perpetuating evil. Not all are like this, of course. Costin and Frank have retained their humanity and will see to the destruction of those who slaughter innocents.

Book 4 in the Vampire Babylon series is probably not the best place to start for a new reader, but the author offers enough back story so it is possible to follow without too much difficulty. In an afterward Green tells her readers that ' by the time you get to Book Six, the mystery, character, and mythology arcs introduced in this installment will be resolved. ' The characters are vivid and the plot compelling. A Drop of Red makes an excellent addition to any vampire aficionado's TBR shelf.

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Ace, August 4, 2009.


SciFiGuy said...

I have this on my TBR pile and am looking forward to it but I need more hours in the day!

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Hi Doug

I know exactly what you mean.

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Vickie said...

Chris Marie Green is on my Wanton Book Lust List. It is now get it faster.

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