Feb 21, 2009

Immortals: The Reckoning - Review

The Reckoning (Immortals)
by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, and Robin T. Popp
Dorchester, March 2009.

The Premise of the Immortals: "For centuries they have walked among us--vampires, shape-shifters, the Celtic Sidhe, demons, and other magical beings. Their battle to reign supreme is constant, but one force holds them in check, a race of powerful warriors known as the IMMORTALS."

This is an anthology of three novellas by the authors who write the Immortals paranormal series. Although at least one of the Immortals make an appearance in each story, the plots revolve around the magical creatures - the ones the big guys are supposed to keep in check.

Wolf Hunt by Jennifer Ashley

The beautiful demon Nadia is begin hunted in a forest by werewolves. Logan, former werewolf Pack Master and now a member of the LAPD, receives her frantic call for help. He races to her rescue only to fall into a trap set by an old enemy.

Blood Debt by Joy Nash

Jackson Cabot seeks revenge. One hundred years ago the gorgeous Sidhe Leanna had used her sex magic on him leaving him weak and vulnerable. Before he fully recovered the vicious vampire Legrand found him and made him one of the undead, an existence Jackson despises. Now he has a chance to put thing right.

Beyond the Mist by Robin T. Popp.

Jenna Renfield has lost her sister Sarah who was kidnapped by an evil genie. Unfortunately magic failed to save Sarah, and Jenna blames herself. Her friend, the spirit-walker Dave Runningbear, tries to tease her out of her depression but to no avail. Only when both face a dangerous plot hatched by the god Poseiden do they work together in a way that allows them to acknowledge their deep soul connection.

Although I have not read the previous books in the Immortals series this collection tells me I have been missing some engrossing, tantalizing reading. All three stories have a terrific combination of adventure, danger, and spicy sex.

See Immortals web site for complete information about the series.

Meanwhile watch the trailer of The Redeeming for an idea of what these books are about.

Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley

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