Dec 6, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest

Knitters and lovers of magic be sure to read the review of Barbara Bretton's Casting Spells on SciFiGuy's blog site. I've been crocheting for many years and have just recently gotten the knitting bug. I will definitely have to read this book.

From the cover: "Sugar Maple looks like any bucolic Vermont town, but when the tourists go home, it's a different story—inhabited as it is with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches, and an ancient secret. And I know all about secrets. I'm Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & Strings, a popular knitting shop where your yarn never tangles, you always get gauge... and the knitter sitting next to you comes out only after dark." Go here for the review.


A contest to test your creative juices: Says contest sponsor Linda Hilburn, "Here's the cover for the The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, which contains my story, "Blood Song." It will be released April, 2009 here in the USA (Feb., 09 in the UK). Just for fangs and giggles, I'm going to hold a contest until the Winter Solstice (my second favorite holiday after Halloween/Samhain!). Okay, here's the deal: Leave a comment, telling me what the fellow on the cover is thinking. Be creative (but remember that kids read this blog, too!) I'll pick a winner on the evening of Dec. 21 (the longest night -- what a delicious metaphor) and the winner will receive -- drum roll -- a $25 gift certificate from Borders or Barnes & Noble (your choice)."


Vote for the best TV vampire show of all time at Suburban Vampire

Candidates include: Dark Shadows; Forever Knight; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Ultraviolet: Angel; Blood Ties (based on Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson books); Moonlight; and True Blood (based on Southern Vampire Mysteries of Charlaine Harris.

For me it's hard to pick just one.


Watch the The Bride of Casa Dracula (Casa Dracula, Book 3) trailer. This hilarious book is number 3 in Marta Acosta's Casa Dracula series. Read a review.


darbyscloset said...

I love your song, I long for your blood and I will have both...
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

SciFiGuy said...

Thanks for the mention Patricia. This was a really fun read. Had kind of a Brigadoon feel to it.

Marta said...

Hi, Patricia, thanks for posting my very amateurish book trailer! I promise that I am a better writer than I am video maker.