Oct 28, 2011

Interview with the Vampire Trent Callen

Just in time to begin celebrating Halloween Trent Callen (protagonist of Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth Kolodziej) has stopped by PVN to tell readers about his life as a vampire.

Thanks so much, Trent. Take it away!

Hello everyone. I am very pleased to be invited to Patricia’s Vampire Blog for an interview. My name is Trent Callen and I am a blood vampire. There are many questions that fledglings want to know before they are changed. In an attempt to hopefully ease some minds, I am prepared to let you in on some of my secrets.

What type of powers do you posses?

Powers to look forward to when becoming a vampire will include:
*Enhanced speed
*The strength to lift cars, or ladies, whichever your pleasure shall be
*Enhanced sight, though being a peeping Tom is not advised
*Enhanced hearing
*Sharp fangs to sink into pretty little necks throbbing with life
*Eyes that will turn black on occasion
…the usual…

Some powers you may posses with age:
*The ability to change to mist
*Shape shifting into a wolf and/or demonic looking creature
*And others you will have to learn about on your own…

How did you become a vampire?

Ah, a question that plagues the most beautiful of minds, and one that I have not told that many people.

When I was twenty-five, I was a, as you would say, ‘want-to-be writer.’ I was in Cork, Ireland, at the time, the place to be for aspiring writers now. I was introduced to a man named Collin. Sir Collin; he was from England. At the time, he was serving the first Elizabeth.Collin and I became very close very quickly. I was not as well educated or travelled as him so I found him fascinating. He had so much knowledge about the world and the people in it. Unknown at the time, Collin was a couple hundred years older than myself.

One night we got into an intriguing discussion about writing horror stories. He discussed an idea with me about a creature that ruled the night. Instinct had brought my mind to the gossip floating around about people being slain. They were being murdered by having their blood sucked completely dry. I found the coincidence too close and plagued him with questions about these creatures of the night.

Rapidly our night was becoming morning. Collin had been so engrossed with talking to me that he forgot about the sun. I immediately noticed his agitation; I was not stupid like some humans. I had an uncanny way of observing people around me. I was aware that Collin would not have enough time to get home and offered him a bed in my cellar. I remember the smile on his face: it was filled with gratitude, while mine was filled with mercy. After a long day of waiting for night to come, I opened my cellar door, and he walked up the stairs refreshed. I begged him for hours to tell me the truth. Then he finally did. We talked about the possibility of me becoming a vampire. At first I was reluctant, but Collin had a way about him. A short week later, I decided to let him change me.

Do you feel any antipathy to other paranormal beings? If so, which ones and why? 

To be honest, I have never been found of werewolves. They smell and are not that intelligent. I have had run ins with them before and the only one I put up with would be Zou Tai, and that is only because Faith asks me to. Very persuasively I might add.

Is there a hierarchy among vampires?

All vampires answer to the Master vampire, which does change from time to time. Most vampires stay with their sires for decades before going off on their own or even creating another vampire. There are watchers in each state and sometimes more than one depending on the size and how many of us are in the area. If there is any trouble raised they report to the Master directly.

Are you with anyone?

I am sorry to say that I am taken ladies. Faith, the last witch in the world, in the only one I have my heart set on. Ever since I first met her at the club I had this instant attraction to her, most that involved licking and petting particular areas, but that was only in the beginning. When I got to know Faith, I realized there were still innocents in the world. And that attracted me the most to her.

I hope that you have enjoyed my company and that you will read some of my adventures.

Both books available as paperback and eBooks. Please visit www.vampyrekisses.com for further info on releases and what’s going on in the writing world of Elizabeth J. Kolodziej 


Elizabeth Kolodziej said...

Thank you so much for having Trent! I think the interview went great!

Happy Halloween everyone!

<3's and fangs,
Elizabeth J Kolodziej

Patricia Altner said...

You're welcome Elizabeth! Hugs to Trent for doing the interview ;)