Aug 2, 2011

Ecstatic Evil by Amanda McNeil - Book Announcement

Amanda McNeil is the author of a new paranormal romance novella Ecstatic Evil (Tova Gallagher) in Boston (details below).  The idea is to provide paranormal romance in bite-size pieces for the modern, busy reader.  New entries will come out approximately once every three months at just 99 cents per entry.

Ecstatic Evil

Tova Gallagher isn't just your average tough as nails, intelligent Bostonian. She also just so happens to be half-demon, and halvesies have an important role to play in the supe world. Whether they choose to go with the instincts of their demon or human half is supposed to predict the outcome of the endtimes, and now Tova has a deadline to choose sides. But all of that is hard to care about when she's just met a sexy stranger on the edge of the Charles River.

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