Jul 28, 2011

Justin Gustainis Author of Hard Spell - Contest

A few days ago I posted a review of Hard Spell (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation) by Justin Gustainis, a favorite author of mine in the UF genre.

As a special treat for PVN readers Justin is offering a copy of this terrific new novel to one lucky commeter.
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To wet your appetite read the following excerpt:


     We got a radio call that a female vamp was using Influence on some of the customers at Susie B's, our local lesbian bar.  A lot of vampires have powers of fascination.   That "Look into my eyes" stuff you see on TV is real, although it’s exaggerated – like everything else on TV.  Despite what you hear, Influence can't take away somebody's free will — but a proficient vamp can weaken it quite a bit.  And sometimes, that’s all they need.
     Karl and I dropped in at the bar and talked to the owner, Barbara Ann, who’d called in the complaint.  She wasted no time pointing out the bloodsucker among her clientele.  "She's the one at the corner table sitting by herself — but she won't be alone for long," Barbara Ann said.
     We went to have a word with the young lady (who was probably neither very young nor much of a lady), ignoring the hostile glances from some of the other customers.  Men aren't popular in Susie B's, and cops even less so.
     The vamp said her name was Lucretia.  It might even have been true — she had an old-country Italian look about her: midnight-black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, and red, red lips.  Nice tits, too – for a vamp.
     I was surprised that she found it necessary to use Influence in order to get laid – here, or anyplace else.  Of course, she was probably in the habit of using her beautiful mouth for more than cunnilingus.  Most ladies who’ll happily spend a few hours trading orgasms with another woman will draw the line when it comes to giving up a few pints of the red stuff.
     Karl and I took turns explaining to Lucretia that the law prohibits the use of Influence to secure consent for any kind of transaction, whether sexual, commercial, or vampiric.
     “I really don’t know what you’re talking about, officers,” she said, all wide-eyed innocence.  “I wouldn’t do a thing like that.  Now I think you should both leave.”  Her words seemed to echo inside my head, and she looked right at me as she said them, those coal-black eyes burning into mine irresistibly....
     She must have been pretty old.  Her Influence was strong.  I actually felt my feet begin to move under my chair, before my will reasserted itself and made them stop.  If I’d had any doubts that Miss Lucretia been using her power improperly, they’d just been staked, but good.
     I smiled at her and shook my head.  “Nice try, Vampirella, but no sale.”
     Our police training includes the use of deep hypnosis to make us immune to that kind of stuff, and we get boosters twice a year. 
     Then, mostly to see what would happen, I said, "You know, I don't think Vollman would approve of you taking advantage of people this way.  It doesn't exactly reflect well on your kind, does it?"
     Her heart-shaped face grew very still.  "You know Mister Vollman?" she asked, in a tight, quiet voice she hadn't used before.
     "Sure," Karl said, with a shrug.  He'd picked up on what I was doing.  "We do favors for him sometimes – and vice versa."
     "You don't want us to ask him for a favor that has your name on it, do you, honey?" I said gently.
     She shook her head stiffly.  In a quick rush of words she said, "No, I'm sorry, I won't do it any more, I have to go now, g’night."
     She stood up and quickly walked out of the place, without once glancing back in our direction.
     "Guess Vollman wasn't shitting us," Karl said, as he watched the beautiful vamp's departure.  Maybe he was checking her ass for clues.
     "Nope," I said, and pushed my chair back.  "Looks like he really is The Man."


* Justin is offering a copy of Hard Spell to one lucky reader.

* Leave a comment for Justin about this post for a chance to win.
* Be sure contact information is included with your comment.

* Contest ends August 5, 2011 at 11:59pm EST

* Contest is international!


donnas said...

Great excerpt. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing!!

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HARD SPELL looks like a great read. I enjoyed the excerpt thank you.


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Looks like something new and different :) I definitely enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the chance to win! andralynn7@gmail.com

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Looks like a good read. Thanks for the chance to win.

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Thanks for the giveaway. Sounds like a very good read. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

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I've been hearing a lot about this book lately. It sounds good.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Just saw this novel reviewed on BLI... and I thought it might be my cuppa. I enjoy a detective novel, preternatural should make it even better! Thanks for sharing and for a great giveaway!

Dottie :)

Aik said...

This one sounds like something I'd enjoy. Please enter me!

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Bethany C. said...

Wow, you can get training and boosters to make yourself immune to hypnotic vampire Influence? Someone should tell all the mortals in other vampire books!


tetewa said...

Sounds good, I'd like to be included! tWarner419@aol.com

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I am currently reading EVIL WAYS and I know I will enjoy HARD SPELL and the additional books in the series.

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Ok so now I have to know who Vollman is!!


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Great giveaway! I'd love to be entered.

Please count me in. Thanks.

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From the excerpt, it sounds like a good read.


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Love the excerpt. Adding this to my wishlist right now!


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Hard Spell is a book right up my alley. I must add it to my wish list.

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