Jul 24, 2009

Internet News of Paranormal Interest 7-24-09

VampChix is a new blog for lovers of vampires started by Michelle Hauf, author of The Devil To Pay (Silhouette Nocturne). Volunteers are needed to help out with the site. I have already put my hat in the ring and have promised to post monthly lists of new vampire releases. So authors, readers, publishers give me a shout of you have any relevant info. paltner@verizon.net.

Read an entertaining interview with Kimberly Frost author of Would-Be Witch (Berkley Trade (February 3, 2009) at Amerkatze's Blook Blog. There is a contest also which ends Sunday July 26. A sequel Barely Bewitched will appear on Sept. 1

Tate Hallaway author of Dead If I Do (Garnet Lacey) has this happy announcement to make. "My fabulous agent just negotiated a three-book deal for a NEW young-adult series. The books as they're conceptualized right now will feature a fifteen year old Saint Paul girl who's father is a vampire prince and her mother's a real Witch!"

Not sure when these books will appear, but I will definitely be watching for them.

Here's something for Dracula aficionados!
"Welcome to Real-Time Dracula--a reimagining/modernization/condensation of the classic horror novel Dracula in the Web 2.0 medium. RTD consists of "tweets" by the 7 protagonists of Dracula, each represented by a Twitter persona."

Being Human begins July 25 on BBC America

I have been looking forward to this series since I read about it maybe a year ago. At that time it was only available on British BBC but now those of us in the colonies can watch it. Here's the scoop: "Being Human is a witty and extraordinary look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives - as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. They struggle to live normal lives, despite their strange and dark secrets." The following video explains the vampire side of things.

Here's a headline from Examiner.com Sadler introduces "Vampire LSA" airplane

"True Blood fans are certainly familiar with the Anubis Airlines from Club Dead which offers ultra secure transportation for its more light-sensitive passengers. However, it would seem that the Sadler Aircraft Company has seen the marketing potential behind the current vampire craze and is planning on announcing its next-generation Vampire LSA at EAA Airventure 2009. Yes, this is an actual company and the Vampire LSA will be a real, functioning aircraft, though its passengers will no doubt be mortal.... Read more

I want one!!

The Vampire Diaries coming this fall to the CW channel.

"Elena Gilbert has always been a star student: beautiful, popular and involved with school and friends. As the fall semester begins, elena becomes fascinated with the mysterious new boy in school, Stefan Salvatore, and she has no way of knoing he is a centuries-old vampire. While Stefan struggles to live peacefully among humans, his brother Damon is the embodiment of violence and brutality. Now these two vampire brothers - one good, one evil - are at war for Elena's soul in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia"

Based on the series by L. J. Smith The Vampire Diaries.

Rising From the Ashes

On Paranormality Lynda Hilburn, author of vampire novel Dark Harvest (Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series), is collecting stories from writers who have had to start their writing careers over.

"I met with a group of authors recently, and the subject of "starting over" came up. They shared some wonderful, inspirational stories about the twists and turns of a publishing career, and I wish I'd asked permission to tape the discussion. It really was very helpful to hear how these successful authors rose from the ashes at some point in their careers. In many cases, the authors in question were certain their careers were over -- that they'd never sell again. If you'd like to send your story to me directly, please send it to:
All inspiration is good inspiration."

Lynda has already begun posting stories from authors such as Brenna Lyons, Susan Kearney, Laura Resnick, etc. Well worth reading!


Rhinoa said...

Being Human is amazing and one of the best shows about the paranormal I have seen in a long time. Me and my husband made sure we watched it every week without fail and I hope to get the dvd soon so we can watch it again. I hope the humor translates across the water as somehow it was very Brittish.

Looking forward to the Vampire Diaries but am sure we will have to wait ages over here for someone to pick it up.

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

I'm somewhat thrilled about the Vampire Diaries TV show but not as excited as I am for the Being Human show.

I can't wait to watch Being Human. This has been on my very short list of show to watch. I'll be glue to the TV, tomorrow evening. ;)

Amberkatze said...

Thanks for the mention! Hope you are well!

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Rhinoa

I am really looking forward to Being Human. I've enjoyed the clips I have seen on YouTube.

It's exciting that another vamp program like Vampire Diaries will be shown on TV. I hope they do a good job with it.

Patricia Altner said...


I'm with you! I've known about Being Human for some time so the excitement has had a chance to build.

Patricia Altner said...

You're welcome, Amber.

Always enjoy your site!

Hey Lady! said...

Not sure about this Vampire Diaries... I suppose it could not be worse than the books. I've not read the new ones, only the old ones, anyone read the new ones? Thoughts?

Patricia Altner said...

Hey Lady!

Your question makes a good discussion point. Mind if I put it up as a post? See if we get any feedback.

Just found Supernatural Book Club. Excellent site!


Hey lady! said...

Oh, I'd love for someone to explain the draw of any of the books, I'd love to have discussions. It's strange, usually books I don't care for I can't read, they're just boring. These were not boring, but not good either. It's a strange phenomenon.

Kate said...

We had recorded all the "Being Human" shows but didn't have a chance to watch until this past week. Once we started, we couldn't stop! What a great series.