Jan 27, 2009

Salvation of the Damned - Vampire Book Review

Salvation of the Damned by Theresa Meyers. Silhouette Nocturne Bites, March 1, 2009. (novella, ebook - available from eHarlequin.com March 1)

Raphael has come to find the woman whose intoxicating scent fills every fiber of his being. It's the time of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. He walks into a room filled with partiers , but he immediately knows where she is. Evaline senses someone's intense gaze on her and she cannot believe that it comes from a most handsome man who only has eyes for her. Many romances begin this way. It's what the reader expects, wants. In this story the vampire Raphael seeks out Eva because on this night his kind needs the sacrifice of this special woman in order to continue their existence. The sacrifice must be made every thousand years and Raphael's has always been the hunter. He has always done his duty, but this time is heartbreakingly different. The spirit of his beloved Isabeau has been reborn as Eva. How can he lead her to her death? Meyers' story easily captures the heart of the reader (most probably a chick) looking for romance with a hint of spice. I read Salvation in one satisfying gulp.

Watch for an Interview with Theresa Meyers during the first week of March!

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