Jun 8, 2008

Buffy and the Academic World

The Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse
Arkadelphia, Arkansas, June 5-8, 2008
(The url for The Slayage Conference has been corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience.)
Read Mandi Bierly'article 'Buffy' academic conferences' for an interesting take on the conference. For the full article go to EW.com. Below is an excerpt.

" You can check out the program on the conference's site. Which titles speak to you? My picks: Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

• "'When You Kiss Me, I Want to Die': Gothic Relationships and Social Taboos on BtVS"

• "A Sexy Fuddy-Duddy and a Woman Who Knows How to Moisturize: Adulthood, Authority, and Sex in BtVS" [Giles and Joyce!!!]

• "'Kicking Ass Is Comfort Food': Girlie Feminism, Violence, and the Slayer"

• "... And Yet': The Limitations of Buffy’s Feminism"

• "'It's Just... Painful': Love and the Wounded Vampire"

This is just a sampling of the choices. Check out the article and the conference site for more information.

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