Jun 19, 2008

Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton

I must admit I have not read Blood Noir the latest Anita Blake Vampire Hunter adventure. Although a fan of the early books, since Narcissus In Chains (2002) I have not been as enthusiastic. Missing is the sense of mystery and suspense that at one time was the essence of an Anita Blake story. Instead there are many scenes each several pages in length detailing Anita's numerous sexual adventures.

I recently came across a review by Robin Kavanagh in Blogcritics Magazine that not only critiqued the current book, but also gave a nice summary of the Anita-verse as it has evolved over 16 books. No doubt I will read Blood Noir at some point. Despite my grumblings and misgivings I admit that Laurall K Hamilton is a remarkably good writer and often in between the sex scenes a good story can be found. Ms Kavanagh enjoys the Anita Blake series and I believe you will enjoy her review.

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