Feb 9, 2008

A Vampire Novel by Mayra Calvani

Embraced by the Shadows by Mayra Calvani. Twilight Times Books, 2007

Sadash, the vampire, first notices Alana Piovanetti while she vacations with her family in Istanbul. She is very young, a child really, but he is drawn to her. Three hundred years ago he would not have hesitated to drink of her blood - all of it. Not now, however. Since that long ago time he has vowed not to take advantage of a child. He watches as she gazes at a painting of a red-haired angel being thrown out of heaven. Her coloring is very much like that angel. Later in the story this painting and the angel's appearance will be important.

Twelve years later Alana is living in Puerto Rico where she was born and raised. She recently found a job as the manager of the new 'in' place called El Cuevo del Vampiro. She does not consider herself qualified - she was a philosophy major in college, but the owner's representative assures her she is exactly the right person for the job. That same night the erotic dreams begin. Dreams of a man like no other she has known takes her in his arms and seduces her in away she never imagined possible. Later she meets Shadash the man of her dreams who is even more alluring in the real world. He shows her what the life of an immortal is truly like. Vampires never age and can never be destroyed even by fire. Alana wants to be with him forever, but what about her dearest friend Valeria. How could she watch as this person she loves ages and dies?

Mayra Calvani has created a sensuous world of mystery and dark, complex romance. The fascinating characters and their tantalizing story will keep readers engrossed from the first page to the last.

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