Feb 29, 2008

Bending to Break - a vampire novel

A review of Bending to Break by A J Hampton. Cacoethes Publishing, 2007

Kayden Grey is bitten by her former lover Jullian, the most handsome and powerful of vampires. He meant to turn her into one like himself, but strangely enough Kayden manages to keep remnants of her humanity making her a half-breed. She has become one of the creatures she despises. The beautiful Kayden has spent her life hunting vampires and demons. The brothers Elijah and Micah, well known demon hunters, have joined her uncle's group after one such demon murdered their sister. Kayden and Micah are made hunting partners but they squabble continuously trying to hide an obvious lust for one another.

One night, in a cemetery, while patrolling for undead creatures they are attacked and overpowered by a succubus, a type of being which lives on the intense passion of others. All sexual reticence disappears leading to hours of ecstasy. When the lusty night comes to an end a chagrined Kayden wants to track down the succubus and kill it. That proves a long, difficult task allowing several opportunities for Kayden and Micah to lose their inhibitions. Along with a strong story line and a cast of exciting characters there are a number of erotic, lustful, scenes of steamy lovemaking.

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