May 5, 2008

Laws of the Blood series by Susan Sizemore

On the blog Sacred Monsters Derek Tatum pays tribute to Sizemore's fascinating Laws of the Blood series while focusing on book 2 Laws of the Blood: Partners, Ace, 2000; Reprint: Ace, 2006.

From Sacred Monsters:
"Susan Sizemore Laws of the Blood series was originally published in the late '90's/early '00's, but have recently been reissued with excellent new cover art. While it is the second book in the series, Partners can be read first...though it will likely make readers want to check out Sizemore's other books.

"Sizemore has hit the big time with her vampire/paranormal romance novels, which was probably a factor in getting these books reissued. But while there is an element of romance, Partners is first and foremost a dark adventure tale that in a lot of ways was ahead of the curve. Read more..."

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