Apr 21, 2008

Interview with D. L Russell

I recently interviewed new writer D. L. Russell who has recently had his novelette Maxwell: The Last Vampire (Eternal Press, 2007) accepted for publication

What fascinates you about vampires?
I would have to say its the concept of living forever. That ability gives a character an almost God-Like aura. With some of his abilities, Maxwell could be considered a God. There's something beautiful, but terrifying about that.

What inspired Maxwell the Last Vampire?
Maxwell (The original title) was really my attempt to write a vampire tale that was actually the anti-vampire tale as far as the modern era is concerned. It seems that every vampire you read about lives in a world where vampires populate every major city with covens filled with those that drink blood and those that want to. Maxwell being the last of his kind was a big step in that direction. His story was my attempt to change what has become common within the sub-genre. Also, I believe every writer of horror should create his own interpretation of the classic characters. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, etc..etc.. I call them my "Creatures of the Night."

Is this novelette a basis for a novel or perhaps a series?
I am currently working on Maxwell's Child, which will be a full length novel and will take the reader into the world of how a Vampire is created. Kane will also be there, along with a few other creatures of the night, not introduced in Maxwell: The Last Vampire. I hope to have the novel finished by Dec 08.

In what other genres would you be interested in writing?
I really enjoy writing Horror, Paranormal, and what used to be called Weird Tales fiction. I hope to someday try my hand at writing comedy also.

What is your writing environment like?
I write on my PC, which is located in my bedroom. I keep a stack of writing reference books on a shelf near by and I use the Internet to gather factual information as I write. My desk is cluttered, but I usually know exactly where to find what ever I'm searching for quickly. My dream is to someday have a house or small office for writing only.

Thanks for the interview, David, and continued good luck with your writing!

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