Oct 30, 2007

Moonlight on CBS

I wrote the following after watching the first episode of the new vampire series, Moonlight, on CBS. I have watched other episodes but, alas, my opinion hasn't changed much. I must say, however, that there are things I like about it, and I still have hope that it will get better.

First episode was (9/28). In my opinion the jury is still out. I like the vampire hero. He's masculine without seeming over the top with testosterone. He is believable as a character and as a vampire. The episode, No Such Thing as Vampires was a good introduction to the hero Mick St. John. We meet his vampire boss Joseph, played by Jason Dohring, a likable anti-hero who's fast talking patter about Mick's liking for mortals, and his weakness for them, brings more than a few chuckles. In this story a woman is found dead with 2 puncture wounds in her neck. An "intrepid reporter", comes to the scene and take clandestine photos with her cell phone. Then Mick suddenly appears feeling very concerned about her. He looks familiar to her although he denies they have ever met before.

I find reporter Beth Turner to be more than a little annoying. Her face is so smooth she look to be as vacuous as a Barbie doll. She has bsolutely no depth in appearance or voice. Is it the character or the actress that is so distracting? Perhaps a mixture of the two. Of course it is the script that makes her walk stupidly into an extremely dangerous situation where she must be rescued by a hero who, naturally, turns out to be our vampire Mick.

Since the debut episode I have watched one or two others and have continued to be annoyed by the vapid reporter. I've also looked at some blogs that follow ratings, and those have not posted anything very positive. Of course my unscientific poll proves nothing. Maybe Moonlight will continue to be shown. I just wish someone would do major surgery on the Beth Turner character.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Joseph is not his boss but simply his elder (by like 830 years) and his friend. Mentor in times of need. But not what one would call his boss. I agree about our heroine. However, I like the angst. Here is a "daughter" Mick never could have which he protected from his former wife/sire and now has grown into a "beautiful" woman whom he could have a relationship with. He is torn between his human desire for companionship and his vampire nature of secrecy. It is the actress who is distracting. To think that this actress was a recasting from the original.

The difficultly in writing something like this is the need for someone, usually a woman, whom the audience can connect with. Blondes do well. Red heads end up as the vampyre or the nightly feast. It's her diadatic vocabulary. However, several friends who watch with me like her because she says what they think. Often times a little too bluntly.

Patricia Altner said...

Mentor is a better term than boss, whatever the relationship I like the interaction between the two. In fact I like most things about the show except - well, you know - reporter Beth Turner.

A good actor can take even the worst lines and make them seem plausible. Sadly Sophia Myles (Beth Turner) doesn't.

Enjoyed your critique. Thanks for writing!

Shahrazad said...

Having a blonde moment takes on new meaning with her. But then again perhaps she's playing the curious and amibitious internet reporter to the hilt. Come on she played the slutty and amitious vamp in both Underworlds. And in From Hell she played a prostitute. Do we see a casting connection?

What intrigues me is what made him turn from drink directly from the source to bottle fed? Wouldn't drawing from the well keep you "in touch" and in tune with that which is around you.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Shahrazad

No doubt there is a casting connection! She obviously can play sultry, but sadly not intelligent.

As for blood drinking the visual media seems to shy away from direct drinking unless the good guy vampire is really angry at some bad person otherwise the vampire drinks the packaged variety. Nick Knight in Forever Night for example and, I believe, Blood Ties.

I like you Blog A Thousand Night Tales. Looking forward to new posts