Feb 2, 2007

Song in the Dark by P. N. Elrod

A favorite series of mine is The Vampire Files by P. N. Elrod. The setting is gangster ridden Chicago of the 1930s. Jack becomes enamored of a beautiful woman named Maureen whose bite causes his transformation into one of the undead. Book 1 is entitled Bloodlist. Below is my review of book 10 as printed in Library Journal.

Song in the Dark (The Vampire Files). Ace, September 6, 2005. ISBN: 0-441-01323-6 384p.

In the eleventh installment of The Vampire Files series set in 1930s Chicago, protagonist Jack Fleming fights inner demons as well as mortal bad guys. Whenever Jack uses the vampiric power of hypnosis to influence someone, raging pain envelops his mind and body. Eventually he realizes that its cause derives from the horrific torture he endured under the now deceased gangster Hog Bristow (see Cold Streets, Ace 2003). As it turns out some in the Chicago underworld are Jack’s buddies. In fact he runs pal Gordy Weem’s gang while Gordy recovers from mob related violence. As temporary boss Jack must solve the mysterious death of an entertainer at Gordy’s club Nightcrawler. Author Patricia Elrod knows how to pace the action without resorting to the use of cartoon characters. These characters (inlcuding vampires) are believable and many are a pleasure to know. This review is reprinted by permission of Library Journal. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.


Derek Gunn said...

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Derek Gunn

Daelith said...

I've been wanting to find the first book of this series to start reading them. Heard good things about it.