Jan 25, 2007

Librarians Who Love Horror Fiction

I found this in the newsletter put out by Librarians' Internet Index.

Monster Librarian

"Collection of horror fiction reading lists for adults and teens. Topics include vampires werewolves, zombies, horror-themed romance, and more. Also includes suggestions for scary books for children, and reviews of horror podcasts"
Copyright 2006 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, LI

From the Monster Librarian Website. "The Monster Librarian welcomes you! This site is dedicated to all the books that are creepy, scary, and give us the willies. It is meant to be a resource for readers and librarians. For readers of horror, this is designed to be a site where you can find other books that fall into the horror category that you might be interested in reading. For librarians, this site provides tools to help in collection development, readers advisory, and program planning. While the site will have information on current mainstream horror it will also include in the various lists older books that may be of interest."
This looks to be a fairly new site but has a very enthusiastic staff. There is also a Monster Librarian blog that seems promising.


Monster Librarian said...

Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed going through you blog. You have some great material here. Please send me an e-mail if you get a chance. I would love to get your feedback on the vampire section for both adults and young adults section of MonsterLibrarian.com
my e-mail is MonsterLibrarian@MonsterLibrarian.com
Best wishes,
Dylan at MonsterLibrarian.com

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Dylan

I just saw your comment. I will be in touch. Thanks

Bloody Books said...

Dear Patricia,
If you are anywhere around the UK this month and fancy going to an event which is part of horror fiction authors Joseph D'Lacey and Bill Hussey's Horror Reanimated tour. The tour is celebrating the launch of their forthcoming books, 'Garbage Man' and 'The Absence' and will hold events in bookshops in spooky venues around Britain. The guys are energetic and enthusiastic and will be reading from their books, taking Q&A sessions and signing.
The venues and events are all listed on the boys' website on the genre in all its form www.horrorreanimated.com
Bloody Books

Patricia Altner said...

Hello Bloody Books

Wish I could be in the UK this month, but it won't be possible.

Sounds like an interesting event, sorry I'll miss it.