Apr 6, 2009

Bloody Good - Vampire Book Review

Bloody Good
by Georgia Evans
Kensington, June 2009

Vampires have invaded England. It is 1940 and the British are in their lonely fight against a German invasion. On a night time drop four undead, allied to the German cause, land in the English countryside prepared to do damage at a nearby munitions plant. Things go smoothly for three but the fourth lands in a tree with one branch impaling his shoulder. Wood is poison for the undead.

In a nearby village physician Alice Doyle goes about her busy schedule of working with the town folks as well as evacuees from London.

One patient turns out to be a man with a badly injured shoulder where a tree branch had punctured him. He is so weak that even walking a few steps is nearly impossible. When she goes to check on him later he has disappeared. In a seemingly unrelated event Alice finds her pet dog has suddenly died with out any obvious cause.

Alice lives with her grandmother a woman proud of her pixie blood and the prescience it gives her. Alice admits that sometimes Gran's predictions come true, but she is a doctor, a woman of science and scoffs at her grandmother's superstitions. Gradually we learn that Others, supernatural humans, have a presence in the village, although they keep this part of themselves secret.

As a conscientious objector Peter Watson has been assigned to work with Alice as her medical assistant. Many people, including Alice, despise COs, as they are called. Still Alice finds it hard to ignore how intelligent and handsome Peter is. When she discovers the terrible secret that will not allow him to ever touch a gun, all of her qualms disappear, and she falls hard for him. Her feelings are reciprocated.

All these disparate people must come together in order to figure out the evil that stalks their land.

Evans creates excellent, believable dialog (including believable britishisms) spoken by a brilliant medley of characters. There are perils and secrets tightly woven into a gripping tale of mortals and Others struggling against the Germans and their vampire allies. This is book one in a trilogy.

Read an excerpt.

Book 2 - Bloody Awful. Kensington, July 7, 2009

Book 3 - Bloody Right. Kensington, August 4, 2009

Georgia Evans is a pseudonym for Rosemary Laurey who has written several vampire romances.


SciFiGuy said...

As the Brits would say this sounds bloody good!

Patricia Altner said...

Yes, Doug, and they would be right!

Vickie said...

Oooooooo! This looks good! Add, add, add.....

Patricia Altner said...


I really enjoyed this story. Being an anglophile, a history buff, and a vampire aficionado, this really hit the spot!

Vampy Nurse said...

Wow these books sounds great! the cover art reminds me of Charlaine Harriss' book covers :)

Patricia Altner said...

Vampy Nurse

Good observation! there definitely is a resemblance of the covers.

I'm looking forward to reading Bloody Awful and Bloody Righ